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    SY Cable

    A SY cable is notably flexible and can used in various electrical projects. Few years ago, many people assumed that these cables can only be used in industrial surroundings. However, they are currently being used during domestic installations more than ever before. The "S" stands for steel wire brand. "Y" simply means PVC. In most cases, most people generally refer to a SY flex cable as "instrumentation cable" or even "braid control cable".

    The best part is that with a SY control cable, there is no interference of signals as a result of their galvanized steel braiding. With such, the inner cores are well-protected.

    Uses of An SY Cable

    There is no doubting the fact that an SY cable is very popular as compared to past years. Such is due to how it can be used for various projects. This cable is usually useful in aspects such as regulating as well as controlling of production lines, assembly lines, instrumentation, and conveyors.

    Apart from the above, an SY flex cable can help in regulation of air conditioning systems. For indoors whereby mechanical protection is required, it can prove to be the ideal option. Please note that its usage is majorly for domestic installations. You need to ask the right questions before deciding to use it outdoors.

    Types of SY Cable

    Sy cables are of different types. Your choice will be greatly dependent on the project you are handling. For instance, we have 2.5 mm SY cable, 4mm 5 core SY cable, 2.5 mm 3 core SY cable and 5 core SY cable. It should be noted that each of these SY cable vary in terms of capacity.

    For instance, a 2.5 mm SY cable can be used in environments that are dry, damp, or wet. However, a 1.5mm SY cable may not be suitable for such surrounding.

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