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    5 Core Cables

    A 5 core cable has become very popular in the electrical world. This is due to the roles that it has been designed to perform once used in electrical projects. Before going any further, it is crucial to understand what core means in cables. Such knowledge can help you to properly identify a 5 core cable that is about to be used in your project.

    Core simply represents the conductors in a cable. Simply put, any 5 core cable will have 5 conductors. Also, 4 core cables come with 4 conductors. Looking at 5-core cables, there is always something similar with them. This is the fact that they contain different cores. A sheath is used to hold such cores together. The core is usually the wire which will get connected to a connector.

    Various colors are used in differentiating the cables/wires. It is crucial to note that depending on the supplier you are patronizing, such colors will always vary.

    What is 5 Core Cable Used For?

    Having known what 5 core cables are all about, it is high time we talked about their uses and importance. These are explained below.

    Underground Installations

    This is one of the most common uses of 5 core electrical cable. Such is due to how it is characterized by high conductivity. As a result, 5 core cables are able to withstand very high voltage. It is true that you can also use a 4 core or 3 core cable for this purpose. However, 5 core control cable is the best since it ensures ultimate protection.

    External Installations

    Apart from underground installations explained above, 5 core cables have also been designed to be used during external installations. Are you trying to do any installation outside your home or office? It could be installation of electric gates, security lighting, factory lighting, or garden lighting. A 5 core electrical cable can prove to be the best option.

    In most cases, these cables are produced using PVC outer sheath. With such material, they are protected in unfavorable weather conditions.

    They Are Temperature-Resistant

    This is another reason why 5 core electrical cable is important for installations. Under normal circumstances, conductivity can be affected by temperature. This is experienced even in 5-core cables. A rise in temperature can lead to expansion of the conductive material. 5 core cables tend to have much better conductors to handle situations like these.

    When electrons are flowing through the conductors, atoms will not be affected. If you want a cable that can stand the test of time, using a, 5 core control cable for your project won't be a bad idea. Feel free to contact us today for high-quality core cables.

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