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    4 Core Cables

    The term "cable" refers to the number of conductors or bundled wires inside a cable sheath. There are different classifications of electrical cables. 4 core electrical cables, also known as quad-cables, are constructed with four individual insulated wires, each being twisted around another, such as a pair of cables.

    What Is A 4 Core Cable?

    A 4 core cable, also known as a 4-wire cable, has a single conductor that runs through the centre of four insulated wires. An insulating material surrounds the four insulated wires to prevent short circuits.

    The 4 core electrical cable's outer covering is often one colour, but the inner wires can be any number of colours. The colours of the wires inside determine how much current each wire can carry and which circuits they are used for.

    The following are the parameters for a 4 core electrical cable:

    • Copper conductor with XLPE insulation
    • PVC serves as the sheath.

    What Is 4 Core Cable Used For?

    Four core cable is used for electrical applications. It's a cable type with four strands of wires inside it. The strands are made of copper or aluminium. Copper is the most common option, and it's also the most cost-effective.

    The main benefit of a 4 core cable is that it can carry more current than other types of cables. Because 4 core control cable can handle more power, it's often used to connect high-power appliances like air conditioners or refrigerators to your home's electrical grid.

    A 4 core cable is also ideal for projects such as installing a new circuit breaker panel or wiring up a whole house surge protector.

    Advantages Of Four-Core Screened Electrical Cables

    • The cable is made from copper or aluminium, which are solid and durable materials. The cable will not easily be damaged by regular use or weather conditions.
    • 4 core screened cables have multiple layers of insulation between the inner wires and outer shielding, which makes them resistant to moisture, sunlight and other environmental factors. This also makes them highly reliable in any situation where a lot of moisture is present.
    • These cables can transmit electricity over long distances without losing much energy due to resistance in the line. This means they are commonly used for long-distance or high-voltage distribution lines where many consumers need power.
    • Four-core screened electrical cables have less resistance than other types of electrical cables, which makes them ideal for transmitting large amounts of electrical currents across long distances with little loss of energy along the way.
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