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    Foam Tapes

    Foam Tapes are available as single-sided foam tape or double-sided foam tape. They are used for a wide range of applications including bonding, sealing, thermal insulation, gaskets, and a variety of bonding and sealing tasks.

    What is Foam Tape?

    Foam tapes promise superior results due to their exceptional qualities as they are made from either polyethylene, polyurethane, or polyvinyl material and are adhesive-backed.

    Foam tapes have a variety of applications including shock absorption, vibration, and sound dampening. The foam tape series include acrylic VHB series, VST, ATG, and HB these high-performing adhesive foam tapes are supplied in various thickness sizes.

    This tape is commonly used instead of mechanical fasteners such as screws, bolts, and rivets due to its strong vibration resistance, durability, and ability to seal against heat, cold, gas, and liquid. You even don't have to worry about dust, air, or wind-driven snow when you use foam seal tape.

    Foam Material Types include:

    • Acrylic foam
    • Silicone foam
    • EPDM foam
    • PVC foam
    • Polyethylene Foam (PE foam)

    Foam Tape Types

    Single-Sided Foam Tapes

    With only one side of the tape having adhesive, this tape works great for gaskets and protective packaging. It works on uneven surfaces and will expand or reduce in size to ensure the gap is filled.

    Double-Sided Foam Tapes

    The adhesive is applied on both sides of the foam. Mainly used for mounting applications also thermal insulation, fastening and gap filling. You can also make use of a foam seal in absence of double-sided foam tapes as they are great alternatives to consider when packing up breakables.

    Foam tape properties

    A variety of foam tapes are available in the market based on factors such as their density, structure, and adhesion properties. Each variety serves a different purpose, and each one fulfills a different need. Their flexibility makes them ideal for fixing uneven surfaces with ease.

    It is even possible to use them in the presence of moisture, high temperatures, and other solvents outdoors. Different foam tapes have different adhesive levels and it greatly depends on how they are used. Some of the unique properties are as follows:

    • Temperatures between -40°F and 300°F are normal for foam tape.
    • UV radiation from the sun, moisture, and solvents have no effect on it.
    • It is capable of compensating for varying thermal expansions due to its high bonding strength.

    However, you should always consider the specific properties of foam tapes prior to making your choice. It's because choosing the right foam tape for your application is crucial to the success of your finished product.

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