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Sunswift is the Solar Racing Team from the University of New South Wales , Sydney, Australia. Led by volunteers, the team has grown into a world renowned leader and pioneer of solar powered transportation. The team enables students from engineering, business and design disciplines to apply and develop their technical, creative and leadership skills.

Over the years, the team has competed in the biennial World Solar Challenge , a 3000 km race from Darwin to Adelaide in which solar powered vehicles from the world’s top universities test their speed and endurance in the harsh Australian outback.

History Of Achievement

The team was founded in 1995, and since has produced five different solar powered cars in that time, establishing an enviable track record in the process. In 2007, Sunswift broke the Transcontinental Record for the fastest solar car to travel from Sydney to Perth.

In 2011, Sunswift’s 4th car, IVy, broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest solar powered vehicle, previously held by General Motors. The team also took home the 1st place trophy from the World Solar Challenge Production Class.

eVe - Your Solar Sports Car

In 2013, the team raised their profile to a new level producing a sleek, practical 2 seater solar vehicle dubbed eVe. eVe competed in the 2013 World Solar Challenge Cruiser Class , whereby points are calculated based on the vehicle’s practicality as well as race time. Sunswift was the fastest team to finish the race, although ended up with 3rd place overall.

The creation of eVe saw the team achieve a new level of limelight, having produced a solar car that people want to drive. International institutions such as BBC and Reuters featured stories on the new Australian solar sports car during the race. In 2014, eVe smashed a 26 year old World Record for the fastest electric car over 500km on a single battery charge. The record was overseen by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile), with eVe averaging 107km/h over the 500 km run. A feat even the Tesla Model S was not capable of doing until recently. The world record captured the world’s attention with feature articles in The Washington Post, Mashable , WIRED , Engadget and many other international media institutions.

The Road Ahead in 2015

Having broken a long standing record for electric vehicles, the Sunswift team has demonstrated that solar powered transportation is both technologically viable and attractive for consumers wishing to travel long distances at high speeds. Now, in 2015 the team is aiming to rebuild eVe to be the 1st road legal solar powered car in the Southern Hemisphere.

Such an accomplishment requires an entire overhaul of the mechanical and electrical systems of the car to meet the rigorous safety and performance standards of the Australian Design Rules. Improvements include new suspension, side impact protection, approved seat belts and anchorages, more advanced driver controls, headlights, mirrors, windscreen wipers not to mention a comfortable, well furnished entire as would be expected of a commercial solar car. RS Components have provided the team with high quality electrical equipment which are crucial to ensuring eVe’s driver controls and electrical systems run as effectively as possible on the road.

With a new road legal sports car the team has major events planned such as a Media Parade around iconic areas of Sydney Harbour in May, an Outreach Tour across South East Australia where Sunswift educates and inspires school students in rural areas in July, and the World Solar Challenge in October.

In addition to these major events, the Sunswift team also participates in a number of university, industry and public events and educates many school students through their Outreach program. Educating and inspiring the public is as vital to the Sunswift team’s aims as their achievements.

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