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In 2001, a keen group of undergraduate engineers united to develop UoW’s first ever FSAE vehicle, quickly becoming one of Australia’s most successful Formula SAE teams. In May 2002 UoW became the first Australia University to compete against 140 of the world’s most competitive teams in the USA. UoW led Australia’s most successful international campaign at the time, returning to Australia with an overall standing of 28th in the field of 140 strong competitors. For the 2002 Australasian competition UOW FSAE designed and built a brand new car.

This lighter, faster and smaller car was the first to win every dynamic event at a Formula SAE competition, setting a world record of 947.5 out of 1000 overall score. After such a commanding performance in Australia, UOW FSAE returned to the US in 2003. Fighting against teams from around the world, UOW came out on top to win the event, successfully demonstrating what a dominating package the UOW car is.

Since 2003, UOW FSAE has remained a force to be reckoned with and continues on this path for 2014. To this date UOW FSAE holds nine podium finishes, out of the 16 competitions it has entered, including three outright victories. Most recently, the 2012 car placed overall 3rd out of 21 teams in the Australasian competition. The UoW team is very proud of its consistent performance and strives to uphold the strong reputation and professionalism it has built over the years.


May 2015 Update

For UoW FSAE, May marks the beginning of the major student manufacture for the 2015 campaign. At this stage of the year, manufacture is focused on jigging and welding the chassis or 'backbone' of the FSAE racer and preparing the suspension system for manufacture. Both the chassis and suspension systems require a significant amount of time and care during manufacture in order to acheive the very small tolerances that are characteristic of high performance formula cars.

The manufacture of these major systems will facilitate the final mid-year build, occupying 5 weeks during July/August, where the car will undergo the first major assembly. The Team are satisfied with the progress of manufacture and are very confident that the 2015 racer will be at the front of the field based on this progress. New team members to bring up to speed At the Business end of the Team, we were very proud to have held our first new member induction ceremony for 2015 - just last week.

Students with interest in joining the UoW Formula SAE project initially enter the Team as a 'mentee' and are assigned a mentor to assist in bringing them 'up-to-speed' with the project. To be an effective member of UoW FSAE, members require knowledge and skills above and beyond the ordinary student. During the course of the menteeship, the Team invests time in targeted training programs and mentoring these aspiring members in order to develop skills that they will need as a Team member.

These skills include CAD (engineering modelling and analysis) software, written communications/report writing, basic manufacture techniques and maintenance of their chosen systems. Once the Team, Mentor and Mentee are satisfied and confident with the progress of the Mentee, the Mentee graduates to Full Team Member status in a ceremony where they are awarded a Team shirt and afforded the many privileges and responsibilities at a UoW FSAE Team Member has. The Team is very proud to be constantly welcoming new Team Members. The coming month will be 'all hands on deck' with student manufacture in full swing and fitting this around busy University Exam Timetables.

FSAE 2015 Results

'Lucy' is amongst her fourth year evolution for the Uni of Wollongong as they focused on the teams' long term strategy of multi-year vehicle developments. Throughout 2015 the UOW sixty strong student managed team worked relentlessly, spending thousands of man-hours on the build, using hands on manufacturing, project management and the application of complex engineering techniques to create this 210kg race car powered by a Honda BDR 600RR with locked spool.

"There is nothing better than a fast, roaring vehicle," stated Todd Dempsey a UOW veteran. "It's great to see something that is taken from a concept to a product and then being able to test and evaluate it. There is great satisfaction in that". Huge credit to all After completing all three inspections on day one, the UOW team and Lucy headed over to the fuelling station to fill up before hitting the track for a huge and successful weekend.

The car performed very well with no critical failures and fast lap times being recorded, and had the most consistent results in the endurance events in five years. This is a huge credit to the hard work UOW have put in over the competition.

"The team would like to extend a massive thanks to all of our generous sponsors who make everything possible. Without the support of such amazing companies and organisations, we could not hope to have reached the level of success that 2015 has provided" said Matthew Anthanasios, team principal. University of Wollongong wrapped up the event with 665 points finishing eighth overall - a great improvement from last year's results.


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