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Redback Racing is the University of New South Wales (UNSW) entrant into the annual Australasian Formula SAE event, constructing and competing with a new vehicle since the competition’s inception in 2000. Inaugural champions, Redback Racing has forever pushed for innovation in design with a mentality focused on making a fast, cost-effective race car that is lightweight and simple to manufacture. The team consists of many students across a number of disciplines, including Mechanical, Computer and Electrical Engineering, Business and Arts. Outside of their curricular studies, students volunteer time to build and apply their industry professionalism, skills, creativity and knowledge to meet the goals of the competition. Education is a high priority within UNSW Redback Racing, with emphasis placed on integrating and training newer members with the knowledge that has led to the success of the team over the years.


New in 2014

Coming into 2014, UNSW Redback Racing has embarked on a new 3 year design cycle, building on a the success of the previous cycle that saw the team place first in the Vehicle Cost and Manufacturing Event two years in a row, as well as a 6th place finish in the competition in 2012.

This cycle brings a raft of innovative changes to this year’s entrant, RB14, with the aim of creating a better car which introduces new knowledge for the team to learn and pass onto future generations. As part of the new design cycle, the electrical systems on RB14 are being overhauled to better suit the needs of the car. As a team that prides itself on its technical analysis, a new data logging system has been commissioned to support the increasing amount of data that is required, with the main focus being to increase the understanding of the car.

By tapping into UNSW Engineering’s wealth of electrical and computer knowledge, Redback Racing has shifted away from an off-the-shelf unit that was previously used to the development of a custom, in-house, prototype, data logger that can support many channels, sampling at enormous frequencies, at a cost far less than most production models today. With the custom software and hardware, this data logger will be fully integrated with RB14, creating a better interface in providing information to the driver and the team. However, this data logger represents more than just a new component. With the development and production of this system, Redback Racing is further broadening the knowledge within the team, educating members with another set of skills that will help prepare them for the future.

2014 Results

2014 was a year of learning for UNSW Redback Racing. The team focused on bringing an innovative, new design to competition with significant changes from previous years. The design of RB14 impressed many at competition, and although it was capable of passing scrutineering, drivetrain issues prevented it from running on track. Unfortunately, the team experienced significant problems during the year, including long delays in the manufacture of machined components which restricted the time frame for testing.

The team’s ambitious design also created more complexity, requiring new processes and approaches in order to manufacture the car. Despite these unfortunate issues, the potential of RB14 and the team still shone through. Even with the many technical changes, the car remained one of the cheapest at competition, a result confirmed by our 2nd place in Cost Efficiency.

It was also the lightest vehicle by some margin, weighing in at an amazing 151kg. The hard work and effort of the team were unfortunately not reflected in the results, however there were still many positives in addition to those listed above.

As the first year of our Three Year Cycle, it was expected to be difficult; however the team was able to learn a lot of critical information. Knowledge transfer remains a core value for UNSW Redback Racing, with our focus on educating new members culminating in a young leadership team looking to build on last year’s efforts for a very promising 2015.

FSAE 2015 Results

The Redback Racing team from the University of New South Wales consists of almost 50 students from various engineering areas throughout the University who have been working on RB15, a 165kg 550cc race car. The team have strived to improve the design and manufacture of the race car with RB14 as a reference, the main goal being increased reliability.

This year has seen Redback Racing enter a competitive vehicle that strives to embody innovative design and sound engineering practices. With all inspections passed, static events complete, and Acceleration, Skid pad Autocross done the team began the Endurance aspects of the event only to run into issues and having to close up the competition early. Redback Racing finished sixteenth overall but did receive a first place for the cost analysis event showing the hard work going into not only the static presentations but the whole FSAE-A competition.

A Redback spokesperson discussed at the conclusion of the event "and that's another competition done and dusted. Congratulations to all teams on your performance throughout the weekend. Thank you to Formula SAE for organising the competition. Thank you to all our sponsors for their continued support. Thank you to the University for their assistance. And thank you especially to our fans for their continued encouragement. See you all in 2016."


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