The University of Auckland Team

The University of Auckland Formula SAE team is a group of engineering students from a variety of disciplines who challenge themselves to design and build an open-wheel race car and compete against other universities in the annual FSAE Australasia competition. Since the formation of the team in 2003, the FSAE competition has been an opportunity for the students at the University of Auckland to apply knowledge gained from their courses, learn valuable engineering skills and collaborate in a close-knit, team orientated environment. Since our first competition in 2004, the team has consistently placed in the top ten through studious workmanship and quality engineering design. Our team endeavors to be innovative in all areas of our work, making our loyal sponsors proud and also representing New Zealand's deep-seated history of innovation.


August 2015 Update

The team is going really well. Our composite materials monocoque is coming under way rapidly, while our critical suspension components are getting heat treated. The electronics team has produced PCBs for the Inertia Measurement Unit and the Fusebox, and currently working on the loom and dashboard using parts from RS.

FSAE 2015 Results

This is the twelfth car the University of Auckland Formula SAE-A team has created. M015 is the product of forty-seven students who have travelled across the Tasman to participate in this year's event. This 162kg machine was built on the findings of the 2014 FSAE-A event with the goal to increase reliability and performance while minimising complexity. This year also saw the Auckland team move from a fully independent rear suspension to a beam setup coupled with a Drexler LSD. With all the preparation before the competition the team were eager to get an early start on Friday morning. "Just come out of scrutineering, good to see the car roll out first out of any of the teams, a few little changes to make and we should get the first sticker" said one Auckland team member on their way back to the pits. After completing the inspections M015 hit the track for the skid pad and acceleration events. Auckland then headed to the business presentation where they impressed the judges so much it earned the team full points 75/75. This is not the only achievement over the weekend as the University of Auckland also received The Harry Watson Efficient Performance award along with the Bosch Instrumentation award. Auckland finished fourth overall in the competition with 733 points. What an excellent effort.


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Meet the team

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