High Power Fixed Resistors

High Power Panel Mount Fixed Resistors

High power panel mount fixed resistors are ideal devices for current limiting, dissipating heat and many other uses in a range of heavy duty equipment and across a myriad of industrial markets such as electrical machinery and energy generation systems. More specifically, they are suitable for high power circuit applications including capacitor charging and discharging, crowbars, current shunts, inrush limiters, inverters/converters and handling high voltage pulses, along with motor speed control. They are also used in resistor grids for dynamic braking in railway applications.

To address these markets, RS Components offers a wide portfolio of high-power heatsink- and panel-mount resistors with power ratings from 100W up to 2500W, including thick-film and wire-wound types from suppliers such as TE Connectivity, Vishay, Arcol and Bourns.


TE Connectivity

A wide range of TE Connectivity high power fixed resistors is available including 100W thick-film screw-termination resistors and a series of wire-wound devices ranging from 100W up to 2500W. The company also supplies standard and custom designed aluminium-housed resistors for general-purpose use, power supplies, power generation and the traction industry.

TE Connectivity products include the TE range of mullite-coated tubular ceramic-core wire-wound resistors. Designed for heavy duty machinery, electrical equipment and motor control applications, among others, that require stability and reliability, these devices have a corrugated ribbon element for rapid cooling that enables 500W up to 2500W power handling capability. Other wire-wound products from TE Connectivity are the HSC100 series (100W dissipation with heatsink) and HSC150 series (150W dissipation with heatsink) aluminium-housed solder lug wire-wound resistors. Suitable for railway and transportation applications among others, the HS series is a range of extremely stable and high quality wire-wound resistors that are capable of dissipating high power in a limited space with a relatively low surface temperature. Power is rapidly dissipated as heat through the aluminium housing to a heatsink. Made from quality materials for optimum reliability and stability, these devices are specifically aimed at balancing resistor, filter, crowbar, and capacitor charging and discharging applications.

Thick-film resistor ranges from TE Connectivity include the BDS100 range of 100W (10W without heatsink) heatsink- and panel-mount screw terminal resistors that feature high voltage insulation and low inductance; and the CJT series of 500W to 1500W aluminium-housed resistors, which are ideal for challenging environmental conditions and offer a vibration resistant housing for industrial control applications and general-purpose use. They are widely used in power supplies, inverters and servo systems



Vishay offers a range of thick film and wire-wound fixed resistors including the RPH (100W) and RPS (500W) series of heatsink-mount non-inductive thick-film resistors; the RTO thick-film 100W devices; and the RSO wire-wound 1000W high-power resistors. The LPS series of virtually non-inductive thick-film power resistors offers 600W, 800W and 1100W units designed for direct heatsink attachment. Key applications include converters, snubber resistors for power supplies, medical equipment, and railway traction; inverters, power converters, discharge resistors for wind turbines and battery high voltage control for electric vehicles.  The RWST wire-wound 180W high-power resistors are aimed at use in severe conditions characterised by repeat transients and overloads such as high current railway electrical traction applications, and feature a rugged construction for use in extreme environmental conditions.

Also from Vishay is the MCB range, which is one of the best-known brands in the power resistor industry worldwide. The Vishay MCB range of very high power water-cooled wire-wound resistors offer direct cooling without a heatsink and offer power ratings from 1500W to 2500W at 60° water inlet temperature. The range also has a maximum working voltage of 3500V and is tolerant to high pulses of up to 5000W for a period of 10 seconds. Delivering a significantly better power to volume ratio, the range also offers up to six resistive functions on one water-cooled tube. The MCB range has been optimised as a snubber and DC grading resistor for large drives and high-voltage DC / SVCs (Static Var Compensators) applications.



The Arcol HS100 (100W) and HS150 (150W) series of aluminium housed wire-wound power resistors are manufactured to be compliant with the requirements of MIL18546 and IEC115. The HSW600 series of aluminium housed axial panel mount resistors is suitable for use where water-cooling is available and space is limited. Heat is extracted internally through the cooling pipe and externally by direct mounting onto a chassis or an additional water-cooled heatsink, thereby reducing the temperature gradient across the internal insulation. Applications for the series include semiconductor protection and inrush current limiting.



Rounding out the available portfolio from RS are three aluminium housed thick-film flange-mount resistors for panels- or heatsink mounting in RF and microwave applications from DC up to 1GHz. The CHF series from Bourns features 800W RF resistors that are virtually non-inductive and are designed for direct heatsink attachment. They are ideal for installation where easy connection in a limited space is required. Applications include circuits where low inductance, high frequencies and pulse overloads are key parameters. Target markets include drop-in isolators or power amplifier circuits in the wireless infrastructure, broadcast or radar industries.

All these high-power panel-mount resistor products are available from RS Components with very short lead times.