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Our New Design Tool for Engineers

At RS Components we love helping engineers invent world-changing products. Our dedication to innovation and progress is why we want every designer to enjoy the benefits of world-class design tools. DesignSpark Mechanical is powerful 3D modelling software that is easy to learn and provides a highly intuitive user experience to help you create great concepts faster than ever before.

Key Features

Shortest learning curve of any 3D design software available to engineers

Moving from 2D drafting to 3D design can bring huge benefits in productivity.  These include producing more compelling proposals, increasing collaboration, faster design times and simpler product costing. DesignSpark Mechanical features a Microsoft Office style user interface that immediately feels familiar, and its intuitive interaction with 3D models takes just minutes to learn – making DesignSpark Mechanical the ideal engineering tool to move from 2D to 3D product design.

Easy import of electrical designs

In today’s product design processes, close collaboration is needed between electrical and mechanical design. This is can be complex where different engineers are using different tools.  DesignSpark Mechanical allows the import of PCB layout files from electronic design software, and drawing files from 2D electrical software allowing greater collaboration and fewer surprises later in the design process when errors and oversights can be very costly to correct.

Extensive libraries and simple costing

Creating CAD Models from scratch is a laborious and error prone task.  DesignSpark Mechanical removes this design bottleneck by providing access to thousands of standard components from their extensive 3D library.  Bill of materials management and product costing is an essential but time consuming part of many designs.  DesignSpark Mechanical’s quoting features make it simple to get instant pricing for your design, ensuring even faster product design.

Export files for 3D printing

Today 3D printing is becoming more and more accessible, with costs of hardware and printing services becoming more attractive.  DesignSpark Mechanical allows you to export in STL format for easy printing from your own 3D printing facility or a third party.

Collaborate and share designs with everyone

DesignSpark Mechanical allows you to design, create and modify without the limitations of 2D design tools. These benefits can be shared and extended with colleagues, customers, suppliers and business partners around the world – DesignSpark Mechanical is free to everyone.