Tough New Buttons and Switches Bring Fresh Styles to the Control Panel

Austere and forbidding control panels are no longer acceptable in today’s industrial scenarios. Operators accustomed to the sleek and colourful user interfaces of their smartphones are not impressed by bland and unexciting knobs and switches. The latest SIRIUS ACT range of illuminated pushbuttons, indicators, pilot lights and switches brings style and colour to today’s industrial control panels. A versatile selection of finishes, colours and sizes is available. There is a choice of flush or raised lamps, various switch styles, and special items such as emergency stop switches and ID-key operated switches. But SIRIUS ACT is not only about looks. This new range is extremely rugged and perfectly at home in any industrial application whether indoors or outdoors.  Support for the latest industrial bus standards such as IO-Link and AS-Interface also simplifies installation and wiring. Pushing the Right Buttons Unlike typical industrial ranges, SIRIUS ACT utilizes high-quality materials selected to give an attractive appearance. Three finishes are offered, giving the choice of black plastic, shiny metal or matte metal in the popular 22mm-diameter size. A 30mm-diameter flat matte metal body is also available. LED-illuminated buttons are long lasting, power efficient, and available in vibrant colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white. Non-illuminated buttons are also available. By offering a versatile selection of pushbutton, indicator and switch styles, as well as accessories, the SIRIUS ACT range allows even complex panel designs to maintain a consistent appearance. Designers can choose from pushbuttons with raised front ring or raised button, extended-stroke, pull-to-unlatch mushroom pushbuttons, twin pushbuttons, momentary contact or latching operation, and a distinctive Stop button design. There are also four types of Emergency Stop buttons, offering a choice of illuminated or mechanical position indicator, rotate-to-unlatch buttons in various diameters, and a button with lock-release key. Switches include toggle, 4-position rotary, potentiometer, long or short-handle selector switches, and a coordinate switch. The range also includes a variety of key-operated switches, a duo-LED indicator, and an acoustic signalling device. Fast and Error-Free Installation SIRIUS ACT is designed to be quick and easy to install. The units can even be fitted one-handed, which greatly simplifies installation when working in a confined space such as a tightly packed control cabinet. A clever screw fixation prevents the unit twisting in use. An important advantage of this design is that only a simple round milled hole in the front panel is required, thereby eliminating any need to make grooves for engaging anti-twist lugs. The round hole is easy to produce without special tools or processes. SIRIUS ACT even consigns the traditional ring nut to history: simply insert through the hole, and attach the snap-on holder from behind. No tools are required, and visible installation markers and indicators minimise risk of incorrect installation. Up to three stacking contact blocks can then be plugged into the holder, to allow for easy wiring. Each module can accommodate up to two contact blocks plugged onto one another. The module slots are designed to be easy to see, allowing fault-free connection of modules even when contact blocks are stacked. Easy removal is another beauty of this range. The holders feature a built-in release lever that is easily depressed to release the locking mechanism. Rugged for the Factory or the Field Despite their stylish appearance and easy assembly, SIRIUS ACT switches and pushbuttons are extremely durable and highly resistant to typical hazards of industrial environments. Solid construction using stainless steel or high-grade plastics ensures resistance to harsh chemicals such as solvents, hydraulic fluids or oils, and helps maintain a smart appearance throughout an extended lifetime. Moreover, assemblies are designed to IP69K, the highest current level of ingress protection, which allows indoor or outdoor use and prevents internal corrosion to ensure a lifetime of faultless operation. In addition, mechanical lifetime of 10 million switching operations and LED lifetime of 100,000 hours ensure long-lasting performance whatever the ambient conditions. Wiring Made Simple SIRIUS ACT also simplifies wiring. The stackable connector blocks allow easy insertion in the holder, and provide a choice of Normally-Open (NO) or Normally-Closed (NC) contacts. Screw, spring-type or solder terminals are available. Moreover, SIRIUS ACT is equally able to support straightforward point-to-point connections or modern connectivity technologies for sensors and actuators. These include IO-Link for in-cabinet connectivity, or AS-Interface or Profinet in field-based applications. Support for these industrial bus standards helps to reduce wiring complexity, cost and installation time, while also enhancing flexibility. Tough, easy to use, versatile and stylish: SIRIUS ACT brings a better user experience to the control panel.