Designspark Mechanical Overview

DesignSpark Mechanical – Product Overview

DesignSpark Mechanical, the new 3D design software from RS Components and Allied Electronics, is ideal for engineering and conceptual design, bringing the advantages of 3D design to every engineer across the world. An intuitive and powerful user interface makes DesignSpark Mechanical perfect for CAD novices and experts alike and ideal for those looking to transition from 2D to 3D design. 

  • Available completely free via – making the benefits of 3D Design accessible to all engineers;
  • Enables fast creation of highly professional concept designs for product proposals;
  • Powerful and intuitive gesture-based modelling allows anyone to create geometry – Creates solid models without the complexity of traditional feature-based CAD;
  • No need to be a CAD expert: electronics and industrial engineers can learn to use the tool within minutes, and easily collaborate with other disciplines involved in the product specification and design process;
  • Removes bottlenecks by making amendments and additions to designs in seconds – no waiting for the CAD department to rework in ‘feature-based’ CAD tools;
  • Produces highly detailed dimensioned manufacturing documentation;
  • STL output formats directly compatible with 3D printers;


Direct Modeling Methodology

  • Scales from simple shapes to complex blends and surfaces;
  • Pull, Move, Fill, and Combine tools enable hands-on 3D design;
  • Pull and Move tools work on both face- and edge-based editing, allowing maximum flexibility;
  • Hints can be added for thin walls, mirrored, concentric, rounded, and chamfered geometry;



Keeps track of the BOM and enables an instant quote from RS Components or Allied Electronics – making product costing a simple part of the design process from first concept through to production;


Creation and Manipulation of 3D Cross-Sections

  • Ability to draw 3D extruded, revolved, and swept geometry without ever leaving a 2D cross section;
  • New concepts can be sketched out and solid 3D designs achieved without having to perform extra work;


Parameters without Constraints

  • Dimensional values can be edited simply by selecting the element;
  • No requirement to set up complicated systems of constraints;
  • Different users can set up and save their own sets of dimensions;


Flexible Assembly Structure

  • Parts can be turned into an assembly or vice versa;
  • Assembly structures can be created even before drawing a shape;
  • No need to worry about inter-component relationships preventing changes;


Context Design

  • No unnecessary mode switching – the same tools can be used to edit assemblies, parts, drawing views and 3D mark-ups;



  • Import ECAD (IDF, IDB, EMN) files, OBJ, SketchUp, STEP and STL formats;
  • Import over 38,000 Models from the RS / Allied Catalogue and over 100M 3D models from online library;
  • Designs can be exported in STL format to enable 3D printing;
  • Export in the following file formats:  AutoCAD (DXF), OBJ, 3DPDF, STL, XAML, JPEG, PNG;


3D Models

  • Creations can be combined with off-the-shelf 3D component models from the RS Components & Allied Electronics ModelSource library as well as the extensive model library from