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    Electrical Test & Measurement Accessories

    Looking for Electrical Test & Measurement Accessories, then you have reached the right place. Our range of accessories are essential products sourced to complement your electrical test & measurement equipment. Our offer includes leading brands such as; Fluke, Megger, Druck, Keysight Technologies, FLIR, Beha-Amprobe, Chauvin Arnoux, Socket & See and Kewtech Corporation.

    Types of Electrical Test and measurement Accessories

    • Clamp Meter Accessories
    • Loop Impedance Tester Accessories
    • Machinery Safety Tester Accessories
    • Mains Socket Tester Accessories
    • Current & Voltage Calibrators Accessories
    • Current Loop Calibrators Accessories
    • Multifunction Calibrator Accessories
    • Electrical Installation Software

    Typical Applications

    Electrical Test & Measurement Accessories are used by engineers to support testing and installations work in domestic, commercial and Industrial applications.

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