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    Siemens Push Button Switches

    Push button switches, also known as push switches, pushbuttons, momentary switches, or latching switches, are one of the most common types of electrical switches used in the market today. These versatile components are used in a wide range of applications, from everyday household appliances to industrial machinery.

    Looking for the perfect push button switch for your project? Here at RS, we offer a vast selection of high-quality illuminated and non-illuminated push buttons options, from miniature push buttons for compact electronics to 240v on/off switches for industrial applications. Whether you need a small push button switch for a new design or a replacement for an existing installation, we have a wide range of push switch products to meet your specific needs.

    How Do Push Button Switches Work?

    A push button has two main components, the button itself and the internal switching mechanism. When pushing the button, it forces the plunger to move, which in turn engages or disengages the internal contacts, thereby completing or breaking the electrical circuit.

    Push button switches can operate in two primary modes: momentary and maintained (or latching). Momentary push button switches require continuous pressure to stay activated. When the pressure is released, the switch returns to its original state. This is ideal for applications like doorbells and keyboards that use momentary mini push button switches. Maintained push button switches, however, remain in their activated state until pressed again, making them suitable for applications like power control and lighting systems.

    No matter which push-button switch is used, they offer several advantages over other mechanical devices, making them a versatile and user-friendly choice for a wide range of applications.

    • Ease of Use: Push button switches offer straightforward operation, making them user-friendly.
    • Versatility: Available in various configurations, including normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts, to suit different needs.
    • Reliability: Designed for durability and frequent use, suitable for both industrial and consumer applications.
    • Visual Indicators: Many switches come with illumination, providing clear visual status indicators, which is especially useful in low-light conditions.
    • Safety: Push button switches, particularly emergency stop buttons, enhance safety by allowing quick and easy power or operation interruption.

    Types of Push Button Switches

    Push button switches come in a variety of types, each with unique characteristics and features. Here are some key variations:

    • Contact Configuration: Push button switches can have normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contacts. NO contacts open by default and close when pressed, while NC contacts are closed by default and open when pressed.
    • Switch Operation: This includes momentary switches that stay active only while pressed, and maintained (latching) switches that stay in the new state until pressed again.
    • Mounting Type: Push button switches can be panel-mounted, PCB-mounted (printed circuit board mounted), or designed for surface mounting. Panel-mounted push on push off switches are common in control panels, while PCB-mounted switches are used in circuit boards for various electronic devices.
    • IP Rating: The IP rating indicates the level of protection against dust and water. High IP ratings (e.g., IP65, IP67) make the switches suitable for harsh environments where moisture and dust are present.
    • LED Colour: Illuminated push button switches come in various colours (red, green, blue, etc.), which can indicate different functions or statuses, such as on, off, or fault conditions.
    • Size: Push button switches are available in different sizes too, from micro switch for compact electronics to larger ones for industrial machinery.
    • Voltage: These on off switches can also be designed for various voltage levels, including low voltage (e.g., 12V) for consumer electronics and higher voltages (e.g., 240V) for industrial applications.

    Momentary Push Button Switch

    Momentary push buttons also known as spring return buttons, which are a type of switch that requires continuous compression. They will turn on when the user applies a force (usually your finger) to the switch button and will only stay on while the switch button is compressed. Once the force is removed, the momentary switches will spring back and return to their original off position.

    Momentary switches will ALWAYS have brackets around the momentary position to help with identification. For example (On)-Off-(On), On-(Off)

    Latching Push Button Switch

    Latching push buttons, also known as maintained or stay-put push buttons, are a type of switch that does not require continuous compression. They will turn on when the user applies a force (usually your finger) to the switch button and will remain in the on position. It is only until the user compresses the switch button again that the switch will un-latch and return to its original off position.

    Illuminated Push Button Switch

    Illuminated push buttons incorporate a light source, typically an LED, that lights up when the button is pressed. illuminated switches are often used in low-light or dark environments, and are ideal for applications where a visual indication of the switch's status is required.

    Industrial Applications of Push Button Switches

    Push button switches, with their straightforward operation and robust construction, are a popular choice for controlling electrical devices, activating alarms, and initiating various control sequences in industrial environments.

    For instance, a maintained push button switch can be employed to turn on a machine and keep it running until the button is pressed again to stop it. These switches are often found on control panels and operator interfaces, providing reliable and intuitive control over complex machinery; whereas emergency stop push buttons are critical safety features in industrial settings like mining operations.

    In automated systems, push switches are used to initiate various automated processes. For example, in an assembly line, a worker might use a push button switch to start the conveyor belt or initiate a robotic arm's operation. The only special case may be the reset switches. These are typically small and may require a tool to operate, ensuring that they are not activated accidentally. They are used in scenarios where a system reset is needed, such as in electronic control units or machinery control panels.

    Push button switches are also integral to alarm, signalling, or access control systems. They can be used to activate alarms or signal specific conditions, such as the completion of a process or the detection of an anomaly. Illuminated push buttons are particularly useful in these applications, providing visual feedback on the status of the system. In access control systems, push switches are also often used to grant or restrict access to secure areas. For example, a momentary push button switch might be used to open a door or gate temporarily, ensuring that only authorised personnel can enter. Regardless of their function, regular maintenance is crucial for push button switches. This ensures longevity and reliable performance in all applications. Neglecting maintenance can lead to malfunctions and shorten the overall lifespan of the switches.

    How to Order Push Button Switches from RS?

    RS is a trusted supplier and distributor of high-quality push buttons or on-off switches from top brands like RS PRO, APEM, EAO, Idec, Schneider Electric and more. When ordering push buttons from RS, you can choose between online or offline purchasing.

    Delivery Information for Australia

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    • Some regional areas may have additional lead time restrictions.
    • Non-core products may have longer lead times.

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    • Available to all RS Business Account holders, excluding Extended Range and Calibrated Products.

    Relevant restrictions and charges apply.

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