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    Honeywell Limit Switches

    Honeywell offers a broad range of limit switches including heavy-duty, general-purpose and miniature limit switches. With a wide variety of actuator types, mounting styles, electrical specifications and terminations, Honeywell limit switches offer superior flexibility and performance as standard.

    What is a Limit Switch?

    A limit switch is essentially a position sensing device commonly used in industrial automation systems. Made up of three key components, a switch body, actuator and contact terminals, they work by making and breaking an electrical connection when an object makes physical contact with the actuator. Limit switches have a wide range of different actuator types designed for different applications including roller lever, roller plunger, hinge lever or lever arm to name a few.

    Type of Honeywell Limit Switch

    Compact Precision Limit Switches - Series features small metal or plastic package size, side or flange mounting, booted and unsealed actuators, and low-temperature options.

    General Purpose Limit Switches - Switches feature IEC standards, EN50041 & EN50047 mounting, plug-in/non-plug-in, plastic or metal housings, 3 conduit options, & a range of sealing choices.

    Heavy-Duty Limit Switches - Three series sealed to NEMA 1, 3, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 12, 13 and IP65/66/67; Type 316 case stainless steel option and multiple mountings and actuators.

    Miniature Limit Switches - Series offer compact switch size, booted and unsealed actuators, multiple configurations, and snap-action, positive break contacts.

    Hazardous Area Limit Switches - For harsh and explosive environments, switch options include non-sparking actuators, captive cover screws, grounding screws, & silver/gold contacts.

    Specialty Limit Switches - Unique switches for special applications with metal and plastic housings along with various switching characteristics and switch mechanics.

    What can a Limit Switch be used for?

    With reliability and repeatability as standard, limit switches can be used in a number of applications including material handling, printing machinery, machine tools, agricultural equipment, overhead cranes and hoists, packaging and earth-moving, stamping, conveyors, surface transportation and textile, and printing machinery.

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