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    Digital Signal Processors

    Digital signal processors (DSPs) capture signals such as voice, audio, or video as digital information, process them at very high speeds and then feed the information back for use. They do this in either a digital or an analogue format by going through an Audio Digital-to-Analogue Converter (DAC). RS offer a wide range of high-quality semiconductor components from leading brands including Microchip, Texas Instruments, and Analog Devices.

    What are digital signal processors used for?

    Digital signal processors (DSPs) are used for processing audio, video and graphics. They can make sound clearer, data faster and images sharper. For example, when used in Hi-Fi equipment, DSPs can create the illusion of three-dimensional sound. Because they're programmable, DSPs can be used in a wide variety of applications, from mobile phones to computers and toys. They're compact in size and don't use a lot of power.

    When you're looking for the right DSP high-performance electronic device, there are various features to consider:

    Frequency - the number of data points per second, which you can think of as the speed.* RAM size - usually the greater the size, the better the performance.

    • Program memory - to customise a DSP for a specific purpose.

    Where are DSPs used?

    Digital Signal Processing is used in a wide range of electronics applications. The specialized microprocessor chips are designed for performing functions like add, subtract, multiply and divide. Some of the most common areas are:

    • Audio signal processing
    • Digital signal processing
    • Radar and sonar
    • Mobile phones
    • High-definition television
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