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    Axial Fans

    Axial fans are a type of fan that consists of a single-bladed impeller encased in a plastic or metal cage. They draw air in and propel it forward at the same axis, hence the name axial fan. Axial is the most common type of non-industrial fan and is often used in the design of most floor and table fans.

    Their primary purpose is as a cooling fan often included as part of a bigger system to cool machinery down during and after use when installed in industrial settings. As such, axial fan manufacturers typically produce a wide array of different sizes typically ranging from 12 inch to 24 inch with varying voltage requirements. They are also used to affect airflow, either by propelling or sucking air throughout a system.

    The usage of axial exhaust fans in different applications results in several variations. Axial cooling fans may use either AC or DC operation depending on industrial requirements. They may also have different IP ratings, size, and power consumption.

    Tube axial fans may be used in specialised settings, especially where air flow needs to be moved through ducts. In residential, commercial, or smaller industrial settings, inline axial fans may be installed instead as they tend to be more compact and can be installed within ductwork.

    Air flow rate is another important consideration for axial fans, especially for axial exhaust fans and axial extractor fans. These are specifically designed for removing air from a space and need to be optimised for their operating environments.

    If noise reduction is a priority, then quiet or silent axial fans can be used to ensure comfort or safety. These are especially important in settings such as audio production facilities, educational institutes, or hospitality suites.

    RS carries axial fans from a number of different suppliers which can serve a variety of functions, including cooling fans for heavy machinery in high-temperature industrial settings, down to CPU units.

    Choosing the Right Cooling Fan

    If you are building a custom server cabinet, CPU, or other units that produce excess heat, you will need to include at least one axial cooling fan in your build. Choosing the right axial fan depends on the space, heat generation, and power supply.

    Filter our selection by sizes, such as 80mm fans and 60mm fans, by power consumption, such as 5v fans, 12 volt fans, and 24v fans, or more broadly separate as DC axial fans or AC axial fans.

    Axial Flow Fans

    As the designation "axial fan" covers any type of fan by this design, they can be found in other applications beyond electronics. Rather than being used for cooling, axial flow fans are commonly used to accelerate the flow of air in HVAC systems.

    Depending on which way the impeller's blades spin, axial flow fans will propel or intake air. This makes them highly versatile in HVAC systems of all sizes including industrial and residential systems.

    Benefits Of Axial Fans

    Axial fans offer a number of distinct advantages in both industrial and residential settings. They allow for precise temperature control and operate at lower pressures than comparable blowers, while moving larger volumes of air. This makes axial fans an ideal choice for cooling factories, vents or large equipment.

    Axial fans are versatile enough to act as different types of exhaust fans such as inline exhaust fans or extractor fans. As highly effective airflow solutions, axial fans are becoming an increasingly attractive option.

    Industrial Applications of Axial Fans

    Axial fans play a crucial role in various industrial sectors due to their efficient airflow capabilities. Some common applications of axial fans include:

    Industrial heat dissipation

    High-temperature environments often utilise cooling axial fans to dissipate heat from machines and equipment and promote cooler airflow.

    Ventilation systems

    Tube axial fans, axial exhaust fans, and axial extractor fans are commonly used in industrial ventilation systems to ensure proper circulation and maintain indoor air quality.

    HVAC systems

    Axial cooling fans are integral components of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, aiding in both air intake and exhaust to regulate high temperatures in industrial buildings.

    How to Order Axial Fans from RS?

    With a wide selection of products, RS is a trusted supplier and distributor of axial fans from reliable manufacturers such as RS PRO, ebm-papst, Sanyo Denki, and Sunon.

    From tube axial exhaust fans to vane axial fans and co-axial fans, we carry different configurations for a multitude of applications. Our competitive prices mean that you can find the axial cooling fan you need, from the supplier you trust, at an unbeatable cost. Browse our selection of HVAC, fans & thermal management solutions, and order online or offline today.

    Online orders for axial fans

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    Offline orders (telephone, email, or fax)

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    Delivery Information for Australia

    Need next working day delivery?

    • Place your order before 5 pm AEST Monday - Friday for next working day delivery of locally stocked axial cooling fans.
    • Orders placed after 5 pm on Friday will be delivered on Tuesday.

    Exclusions for next working day delivery:

    • Global Stock & Extended Range Products.
    • Hazardous products, items over 20kg, or longer than 1.5 metres.
    • Some regional areas may have additional lead time restrictions.
    • Non-core products may have longer lead times.

    Same day delivery (only for Sydney metro orders)

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    • Available to all RS Business Account holders, excluding Extended Range and Calibrated Products.
    • Relevant restrictions and charges apply.

    Consolidated delivery for axial fans

    • Combine multiple axial fan orders into a single delivery to reduce handling.

    Same day collection for axial fans

    • Available at our Sydney Click & Collect Counter, open Monday to Friday from 8 am – 2 pm. Call or order online and request to pick up your parcel from our Sydney branch.
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