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    Tool Boxes

    Tool boxes and Tool Cases are tool storage containers designed to organise and protect tools. Toolboxes are made from metal or plastic and are easy to transport by hand or tool trolley around workshops, workbenches and harsh environments. They come in various shapes and sizes depending on the tools they are required to carry and protect. Most tool cases have a heavy-duty casing making them durable for travel or for use in harsh environments but are also made from lightweight durable materials such as aluminium or polypropylene. For storage purposes, some tool cases are stackable so that they can save space. As a safety precaution, most tool cases have locks to prevent the contents from being removed. Within the case itself, the tools are separated by drawers, dividers, pockets or foam shadow boards.

    Common Uses for Tool Boxes

    Air travelling engineers can make use of a tool case as it enables them to keep all their tools in one place, plus the durability of the toolbox protects the contents. Special tool cases for air travel have been designed with telescopic handles and large wheels for easy transport. Tool cases, in general, can be used in various applications ranging from photography, marine, special corps and manufacturing.

    How Tool Boxes work?

    Tool Boxes / Tool Cases work by offering a tool storage solutions, they have space for hand tools, power tools and testing equipment, compartments for accessories and handles for carrying. There are various designs available dependent on the application and are typically the preferred choice to a tool bag or tool chest.

    What are the key features Tool Boxes?

    • Metal-Plastic
    • Strong metal
    • Foam for protection
    • Stackable organiser
    • Drawer
    • Removable tote-trays
    • Portable
    • Telescopic handle
    • Lockable
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