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    Wera Screwdrivers

    A set of reliable and perfectly handy screwdrivers that are designed to ensure safety and protection against any injury and wounds while using. The screwdrivers are refined through a hard process to facilitate the users through their ability to actually bite into the head of the screw or bolt. The sharp tip of Wera Screwdrivers gives a firm and tight grip. The handle of Wera vde screwdriver is covered with non-slippery material which results in a hard grip and the grip remains unbalanced throughout the usage duration. Wera Torx Screwdrivers are highly recommended due to their ability to require less force to apply torque on the screw.

    Specifications of Wera Torx Screwdriver

    The Wera Torx Screwdrivers come with various specifications which make them more reliable in competence to other tools. It ensures the high proficiency of the tool function. The screwdrivers are made of stainless steel, Torx-headed, 12.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches, with ergonomic handle design, and chrome shank shape. The size and color may be selected as per choice.

    Different Designs Of Wera Screwdrivers

    Quality of Wera VDE screwdriver set:

    The brand offers a variety of different screwdrivers which collectively come under Wera Screwdrivers. All the models of screwdrivers are differently designed. The tip of each screwdriver head is altered to fit in the variety of screws and provide a tightened grip.

    • Wera Phillips Screwdrivers
    • Wera Interchangeable Screwdriver
    • Wera Flat Head Screwdriver
    • Wera Pozidriv Screwdriver
    • Wera Hex Screwdrivers
    • Wera Precision Screwdriver
    • Wera Slotted Screwdriver

    Wera interchangeable screwdriver

    Wera Interchangeable Screwdriver is manually operated screwdriver which does not mind fitting into any screw head because the tip of the driver is changeable, yet it is operated manually.

    Wera Phillips Screwdriver

    Wera Phillips Screwdrivers have a roughened surface which is designed through a refined process. This screwdriver has a sharp tip and inserts deeply into the screw or bolt to assure firm grip.

    Wera Flat Head Screwdriver

    Wera Flat Head Screwdriver comes with sharp steel blade and chrome plates. The blade tip of flat head screwdriver ensures deep insertion into the screw head.

    Wera Pozidriv Screwdriver

    Made up of stainless steel, Wera Pozidriv Screwdriver’s core function is to keep rust at bay. Manufacturing through stainless steel prevents the tool from getting rusted cause by the other tools which easily contaminate the neatness.

    Wera Hex Screwdrivers

    This tool is considered a perfect fit for the hexagonally shaped screw head. The blades are manufactured for protection from corrosion which optimizes the perfect fitting of the screw.

    Wera Precision Screwdriver

    There's a precision part located in the body of Wera Precision Screwdriver which provides better rotational angle during the fitting process.

    Wera Slotted Screwdriver

    This kind of shaped screwdriver deeply bites itself into the screw to save it from any kind of slip out from the recess. This screwdriver is used for Pozidriv, Phillips and slotted head screws. These screwdrivers are used for repairing cars and other heavy machinery and help in performing delicate tasks with ease.

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