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    VDE Screwdrivers

    VDE, an acronym of Verband Deutscher Elekrotechniker, is an international institute which is to test the quality, safety, durability, and reliability of the tools which provides testing and certification of credibility of the tools, mainly screwdrivers.

    What is a VDE screwdriver?

    VDE Screwdrivers is a set of reliable, durable, and multifunctional screwdrivers that ensure safe, danger-free performance. The brands which offer and manufacture sets of screwdrivers are certified by VDE then considered reliable and worthy of use. Just like the other brands, Wera VDE screwdrivers are widely known for their screwdriver sets. They offer tools with versatility and many specifications. Wera VDE provides multi-color, slotted, flat, alloy steel materialized whose sizes ranges from 3.5 x 100 mm.

    Uses of VDE screwdrivers

    As mentioned earlier, VDE screwdrivers ensure safety for any professional and non-professional electrical work. These drivers are completely insulated and work on wires that run up to 1000 volts. These screwdrivers are widely used when an electrician needs to work on a live circuit.

    Types of VDE screwdrivers

    Slotted VDE screwdrivers

    Torque screwdrivers or slotted screwdrivers are tools, with a flat tip which is used to produce torque in a screw and turn it to create rotation. And what is torque? It is pressure which is needed to apply to turn a screw. They are called slotted screwdrivers because they fit in slot headed screws, which provide a firm grip and tightened into material. The tip portrays a single diverted shape at the top. They are the same as flat-headed screwdrivers. A slotted screwdriver has a thickly covered handle which gives a tight grip.

    Pozidriv vde screwdrivers

    The Pozidriv VDE Screwdrivers are designed to apply greater torque and give reliable engagement with the screw, and it provides a good and satisfactory outcome as the chances for the screw to come out become less. They are used in to transmit a greater torque in the screw than Phillip drivers. These drivers are torque-headed, and the feature makes them more reliable. These screwdrivers are compatible, reliable and durable to use and help achieve the task more efficiently.

    VDE certified brands

    Wera VDE screwdriver

    Wera Screwdrivers set has an outstanding collection of amazingly designed screwdrivers that are easy to carry, use and reliable. Moreover, on top of the above, they are VDE certified sets.

    Wiha VDE screwdrivers

    The Wiha VDE screwdriver set is certified by VDE and already tested. The brand provides high performing tools that are durable. The brand offers thousands of tools and products where VDE screwdriver set is one of them.

    Bahco VDE screwdrivers

    Bahco VDE screwdriver set includes the drivers with 3 component handles and a 150v to 250v tester. It comes with 5 pieces of different shapes and sizes.

    Facom VDE screwdrivers

    Facom VDE screwdriver set offers a set of 5 pieces slotted-headed and insulated slim screwdrivers. They are certified by VDE institute and provide a variety of distinguished, reliable and specified screwdrivers

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