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    RS offer an extensive selection of paints and primers as maintenance and decorating solutions from leading brands such as Hammerite, and our own high-quality yet cost-effective solutions from the RS PRO range. We're confident that we can support your application, whether you're a decorator, maintenance worker or hobbyist.

    Spray Paints

    Also known as aerosol paints, spray paints are ideal for touching up automobile paint or stencilling. Providing a fine mist of paint, they are an excellent way of achieving a bold and even coat on many surfaces, be it metal, wood or plastic. Their convenient spray delivery system also makes them ideal for quick, visible marking on construction sites.

    Primer Paint

    Often used to prepare interior walls and ceilings for a decorative coat, primer paints ensure the comprehensive adhesion of over-layers of paint. They also protect the material being painted and are typically used in a wide spectrum of environments, from bathrooms to boardrooms. Primer is also useful as an undercoat for covering up pre-existing colours on walls and materials, ensuring you have to use less paint for a topcoat. The RS Range of primer coats includes red oxide primer, an anti-corrosive primer specially formulated to cover rusted metals.

    Metal Paint

    When painting metal in exterior locations, it is likely you will need a paint that provides long lasting weather resistance. Our range includes paints specially designed to give tough, rust proof protection for most metal surfaces. This is especially handy for or metal fencing.

    Garage Door Paint

    Metal exterior paints are also available in anti-flaking and anti-sagging varieties, to ensure a smooth finish over a long life. This is especially useful for outdoor flat metal surfaces such as garage doors.


    The RS Range of paints includes solutions for every kind of finish.Matte Finish: Matte paints provide a flat and even appearance with no shine. It is popular for use on walls and furniture.Gloss Finish: Gloss paints provide a shiny appearance that can lend an attractive sheen to wood. They are also very durable and protect well against moisture.Hammered Finish: Some specialist paints provide a metal finish that minimizes visible imperfections. Hammer finish is an example of a textured paint that, when dried, gives the appearance of hammered metal.

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