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    Freezer Sprays

    Freezer sprays are types of aerosol sprays used as rapid cooling agents for small components, particularly in electrical and electronic equipment. They are also used to detect overheating components or faulty soldered joints, and to test thermostats and other thermosensitive components.

    How do freezer sprays work?

    Freezer sprays are sprayed directly onto the faulty joint or suspected component until a level of frost appears. When the faulty component is frozen, the fault will disappear but return once the temperature goes back to ambient. This process provides confirmation that the component is faulty and should be repaired or replaced.

    What are freezer sprays used for?

    Freezer sprays are suitable for instantly detecting faults on electronic equipment such as PCBs (printed circuit boards), resistors, transistors, intermittent dry joint connectors and condensers.

    Other useful applications of freezer sprays include facilitating the removal of sticky substances such as chewing gum (by making it brittle) and shrink-fitting metal assemblies. Using a freezer spray will also make oxidised junctions and cracks in PCBs more visible.

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