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    Safety Relays

    A safety control relay is an automation device that is constantly monitoring for potential errors or faults in machinery or plants and works to prevent injury and reduce risk. Some safety relays may also be known as emergency stop safety relays or E-Stop relays.

    How do Safety Relays Work?

    If an error occurs, the safety control relay initiates the appropriate response to reduce the risk and bring the environment back to a safe, acceptable level.

    Monitoring processes using safety relays protects both the machinery and the employees, prevents potentially expensive maintenance and equipment replacement, and reduces risk of human injury. Example functions include initiating a controlled pause in machinery or equipment to safely stop movement until an obstacle is removed. They can also be used as an emergency stop mechanism, switching off the power to particular machinery or plants until it is safe to resume power and continue.

    What Types of Safety Relays are there?

    Safety relays come in many different configurations for multiple applications. Each type of safety relay has its own advantages and may be tailored for specific situations or operating environments.

    Single & dual-channel relays

    Choosing between 1 or 2 channel safety relays is an important consideration for industrial applications. Single-channel safety relays are the simplest form of safety relay. They are designed to monitor 1 safety input device and offer basic safety functionality without redundancy.

    Dual-channel relays provide an enhanced degree of protection by incorporating 2 independent channels for monitoring safety inputs. Having a 2 channel safety relay, with an in-built emergency stop circuit, increases reliability and fault tolerance. This makes them suitable for applications where a higher level of safety integrity is needed.

    Single & multi-function relays

    Safety relays can be single function or multi-function. Single function relays monitor for a specific type of activity, while multi-function configurable safety relays are often programmable. They are also able to monitor different functions, and can be used in place of several single function, individual units.

    The benefits of using multi-function programmable safety relays include simpler installation and less wiring as fewer individual units are needed. This also makes more economical use of panel space, additionally giving greater flexibility to make changes within the design or panel.

    Interlock safety relays

    Interlock relays are specialised safety devices used to ensure that machines and equipment operate only under safe conditions. Interlock relays enhance safe operations by enforcing specific conditions that must be met before machinery can function.

    Supply voltage

    AC-operated safety relays are typically used in environments where a stable and continuous power supply is available, such as in manufacturing plants and commercial buildings. DC-operated safety relays, on the other hand, are often utilised in applications requiring battery backup or where DC power is the primary source.

    Industrial Applications of Safety Relays

    Safety relays are found across many industries where automation is used. Anyone can integrate a safety relay within a circuit to create a safety circuit without any specific training.

    Safety relays are often found in the following control devices: Two hand controls, Movable guards, Light curtains, light barriers and light grids, Magnetic switches, Safety mats and pressure sensitive mats, Three position devices, Non-contact safety sensors, Safety switches, and Emergency stop buttons.

    Some of the most notable applications of safety monitoring relays are found in emergency stop buttons, or E-Stops, where they play critical roles in upholding safety regulations.

    Emergency stop safety relays

    Emergency stop safety relays, also known as E-Stop safety relays, are crucial components in industrial safety systems. They are designed to monitor and control emergency stop functions, ensuring that machinery and processes can be swiftly halted in case of an emergency. When an emergency stop button is pressed, the relay immediately interrupts the power supply to the machinery, preventing potential accidents and injuries.

    E-Stop relays improve the safety integrity of industrial machinery and equipment. Additional layers of safety can be introduced via the integration of a dual-channel emergency stop circuit for redundancy.

    Using programmable emergency stop safety relays from reputable suppliers and manufacturers ensures that your safety systems are compliant with international standards and provide maximum protection for your personnel and equipment.

    How to Order Safety Relays from RS?

    As a trusted supplier and distributor of high-quality safety relays, RS offers products from reputable brands such as Phoenix Contact, Pilz, and Schneider Electric.

    Our selection includes interlock relays, dual channel safety relays, E-Stop relays, and other types of safety monitoring relays for a wide range of industrial applications. Browse our collection and order online or over the phone today.

    Online orders for safety relays

    • Approved Business Account Customers are eligible for free delivery on safety control relays for orders over $40 (Not including GST). For orders under this amount, a $10 delivery charge will be applied.
    • Private Accounts and Guest Customers are eligible for free delivery on safety relays for orders over $80 (Not including GST). For orders under $80, a $12.95 delivery charge applies.

    Offline orders (telephone, email, or fax)

    • Approved RS Business Account Customers are eligible for free delivery on safety monitoring relay orders over $80 (Not including GST). A $12.95 delivery charge applies for orders under $80.
    • Private Accounts and Guest Customers are eligible for free delivery on safety relay orders over $80 (Not including GST). For orders under $80, a $19.95 delivery charge applies.
    • Give our team a call to reach out to us directly about safety relays or E-Stop relays: 1300 656 636. Our working hours are 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday

    Business Account Customers are defined by having a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) registration number or an RS credit account. If you are not an approved RS Business Account holder, you can apply here.

    Delivery Information for Australia

    Need next working day delivery?

    • Place your order before 5 pm AEST Monday - Friday for next working day delivery of locally stocked safety relays
    • Orders placed after 5 pm on Friday will be delivered on Tuesday.

    Exclusions for next working day delivery:

    • Global Stock & Extended Range Products.
    • Hazardous products, items over 20kg, or longer than 1.5 metres.
    • Some regional areas may have additional lead time restrictions.
    • Non-core products may have longer lead times.

    Same day delivery (only for Sydney metro orders)

    • Available for safety relay orders placed Monday - Friday before 11:45 am AEST.
    • Available to all RS Business Account holders, excluding Extended Range and Calibrated Products.
    • Relevant restrictions and charges apply.

    **Consolidated delivery **

    • Combine multiple safety relay orders into a single delivery to reduce handling.

    Same day collection

    • Available at our Sydney Click & Collect Counter, open Monday to Friday from 8 am – 2 pm. Call or order online and request to pick up your parcel from our Sydney branch.
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