Cleaners, Degreasers & Removers

Whether you need to get rid of graffiti/gum from surfaces, disinfect a large busy area like a washroom or workstation, or remove leaked oil from factory equipment, you’ll find an ideal cleaning solution among our range of leading brands like Ambersil, Mykal Industries, Deb Stoko, Loctite, WD40, 3M and RS PRO.

Types of cleaners, degreasers and removers

In addition to our advanced range of multi-purpose cleaners, you may need a more specialised cleaner, degreaser or removal product for maintaining equipment, machinery, environments and workspaces:

  • Adhesive, Graffiti and Gum Removers are formulated around solvents that dissolve stubborn adhesive ingredients.

    • Spray paint, wax and other sticky substances can bond to metal, wood, plastic, carpets/upholstery and vinyl

    • Adhesive removers work on school lockers, garage doors, furniture, floors, vending machines and bathroom fixtures by partially dissolving the offending material, forming a liquid or paste for easy removal with a scraping tool

    • Some gum removers work by quickly freezing the solid mass, making it brittle and easy to remove without residue

  • Degreasers break down stubborn materials/stains that don’t respond well to cleaning with water - e.g. lubricants and oils.

    • Fast-drying aerosols, wipes or liquid degreasers attack non-water-soluble agents like residual grease left on tools/machinery

    • Various biodegradable degreaser solutions are also available, for environmentally friendly use in catering or busy areas

  • Disinfectants & Sanitisers allow for germ control and deep-cleaning across larger, high-traffic or hygiene-critical environments, including domestic kitchens and bathrooms, schools and hospitals, or shared equipment like phones, desks and computer mice.

    • Disinfectants can either be broad-spectrum, or more specifically targeted against particular germs and microorganisms. Most work using relatively high concentrations of chemicals effective against various strains of bacteria

  • Glass cleaners remove dust, dirt, smears and stains from windows, mirrors, ceramic, chrome plating, vinyl or paintwork, without damaging these more delicate underlying surfaces.

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