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    Notching & Punching Tools

    Notching & punching tools are used to make holes in material when creating PCBs. For cutting holes into sheet material, a punching tool or machine is essential.

    There are different types of notching & punching tools. Hand held manual tools provide convenience and manoeuvrability, while notching machines are used for control and ease.

    Lever Operated Punching Machines

    Lever Operated Punching Machines are designed to punch holes in various materials at a configured thickness. Manual punching machines operate with a simple lever that reduces the effort required. Simply place the material under the punching bit, and pull down the lever. These machines are suitable for use on Epoxy Bakelite, epoxy glass, aluminium, plastic and iron boards. Hand Held Punching Tools For when the operator needs flexibility and manoeuvrability, a hand held punching tool is ideal.

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