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    Trimmer Tools

    A trimmer tool is a hand-held tool usually used for cutting shapes or angles out of plastic, wood or paper. They work by applying pressure with the tool in hand to the area you wish to create a cut or shape from. Some have extendable blades with varying functions built-in.

    Advantages of Trimmer Tools

    • Great for cutting cardboard boxes, packaging film or adhesive tapes
    • Different lengths of the blade can be adjusted between short, medium or long
    • Easy-to-replace blades
    • Some trimmer tools feature holes on the end for a keyring holder
    • Some feature built in magnets
    • Durable handles built to last, some with non-slip rubber for extra grip

    Why might I use a Trimmer Tool?

    Trimmer tools are used across a wide range of applications and industries. They are particularly ideal for electronic production, service or repair engineers, or for your use in your home for minor repairs or adjustments.

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