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    Anti Static Wrist Straps

    Anti Static wrist straps, also known as anti static wristbands or ground bracelets are devices used to safely ground the wearer to prevent a build-up of static electricity on their body that can result in electrostatic discharge (ESD). The adjustable bands are woven with carbon or carbon-filled conductive fibres. The one size fits all bands often have a press stud on the strap which attaches to a coiled cord. The other end of the cord is then attached to earth bonding points or ground conductors in the workplace. Wrist-strap cords may be connected to an ESD continuous monitor and can be connected to some ESD safe mats.

    RS offer a selection of high-quality straps for all your bonding and grounding needs.

    What are Anti Static wrist straps used for?

    Workers in the electronics industry commonly use anti static wrist straps to protect sensitive electronic components and equipment from electrostatic discharge. In other applications, they're used to prevent electrical sparks that could ignite flammable liquids, gases, and explosives.

    Types of Anti Static wrist straps

    Single-conductor wrist straps work with impedance-type constant monitors and wrist-strap checkers. Dual-conductor wrist straps work with resistance-style monitors. Fabric or metal wrist straps are available in various colours and styles.

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