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    Wire Housings & Plugs

    Crimp housings provide a receptacle for connectors when they are mounted onto a printed circuit board. PCB connectors are used to link different printed circuit boards to one another or to allow a cable to be connected to a PCB.

    How do crimp housings work?

    Crimp housings are moulded according to the type of PCB connector they are designed to fit. The connector is mounted on to the PCB using the crimp housings, and the housing provides some level of protection for the connection. PCB connector housings also include space for the PCB connector contacts, to allow the current of electricity to flow.

    Types of crimp housings

    The main way in which PCB connector housings differ is in the number of contacts they accommodate. This can range from just one contact to over 100. They can also be made from a range of materials, depending on the level of protection required for the connector.

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