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    USB A Cables

    USB cables - also known as Universal Serial Bus cables - provide connection from computers and other host devices to peripherals, such as keyboards, printers, network adaptors and pointing devices. They are also used to provide electrical power to portable devices, such as mobile phones, portable media players, or handheld games consoles via a wall adaptor or computer.

    What are USB A to USB A cables used for?

    USB A interfaces are flat and rectangular, and are one of the most common connectors. Double-ended USB A to USB A cables, however, are not overly common. They are used to connect two devices that have female USB A ports, and the connection allows for data transfer between the two devices. These devices typically consist of a host device, such as a desktop or laptop computer and peripheral device, such as a mouse, a keyboard, speakers, etc.

    USB A to USB A cables should never be used to connect two computers or to connect a USB hub between two computers, as this could cause damage to the computers and may even pose a fire safety hazard.

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