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    Cable Ties

    Cable ties are everyday low-cost consumables in workshops, offices, and construction sites and can also be known as tie wraps, wire ties, zip ties, or hose ties. They are used to secure, fasten, and separate cables and wires for the purpose of safety, identification, and organisation. Cable ties can come in different colours, materials, lengths and widths depending on the requirements for the application, making them an ideal addition to any toolkit.

    Tensile Strength Ratings of Cable Ties

    Tensile strength is a fundamental property of cable ties that indicates the maximum load they can handle before failing. This measure is crucial for ensuring the safety and reliability of cable ties in various applications. It is typically quantified in pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg), and the ratings can vary significantly based on the material composition and dimensions of the zip tie.

    At RS, our products have their tensile strength converted to Newtons (N) in order to make our customers' journeys easier. We know that what constitutes as a 'heavy duty' zip tie can be subject to different opinions, but we have decided to classify any of our cable tie products with a tensile strength of 750N or over as 'heavy duty', in line with the guidelines from

    Types of Cable Ties

    There are several types of reusable cable ties available online to suit different needs and environments:

    • Coloured cable ties: using coloured zip ties is a great way to group cables together in an easily recognisable way.
    • Marker Ties: cable marker ties can be written on to identify what the tie is holding.
    • Releasable cable ties: generally, more expensive than those for single use. The catch that is fitted to the head can be released to stop the teeth biting into the head, allowing the wire tie to be used many times.

    Cable ties also come in various sizes to accommodate different needs, ranging from widths of 1.5mm to 600mm and lengths from 9mm to 500m long. These dimensions determine the maximum bundle diameter they can secure, offering versatility for various applications.

    When it comes to materials, zip ties are available in nylon, metal, fabric, ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene), fluoropolymer, and a range of other materials. Nylon cable ties, for example, are versatile and widely used in general-purpose applications due to their durability and flexibility. Metal cable ties offer exceptional strength and are ideal for heavy-duty applications. Fabric cable ties, on the other hand, are gentle on delicate wires and are commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industries. ETFE cable ties provide excellent chemical resistance, making them suitable for harsh environments, while fluoropolymer cable ties offer high-temperature resistance and are often used in demanding industrial settings. Each material has its unique properties, making them suitable for specific applications across various industries.

    For more information on how to choose the type of cable ties that most suit your needs, you can consult our bespoke cable ties guide.

    Industrial Applications of Flexible Cable Ties

    There are endless uses for industrial zip ties. Generally, they are used to tie cables and wires together for organisation and identification, but other uses can include electrical installations, DIY projects, packaging and shipping as well as numerous other uses. They are also commonly employed in manufacturing facilities, construction sites, automotive workshops, and electrical installations. These ties provide a quick and efficient way to organise and manage cables, preventing tangling and reducing the risk of accidents.

    Cable ties are generally single-use devices as they are cut off rather than loosened and reused, however reusable cable ties are also available. If a closed loop needs to be opened again, rather than destroying the cable tie by cutting, it may be possible to release the ratchet from the rack. While some zip ties are designed for reuse with a tab that releases the ratchet, a sewing needle or a small screwdriver must be inserted between the ratchet and the rack to release the tie and allow it to be reused.

    How to Order Cable Ties from RS?

    Looking to order your cable ties online? At RS, we have a wide range of cable ties suitable for various applications, industries, and environments. Our range of cable ties features products from well-known and respected brands such as Legrand, HellermannTyton, and Thomas & Betts, as well as our own professional brand RS PRO. Whether you're organising cables at home, restocking on large zip ties for your ongoing project, or managing wiring in industrial settings, RS has the products in bulk to meet your needs.

    To order cable ties or other essentials like cable glands, heat shrinking tubing and more, from RS, you can place your order through various channels such as the RS website, over the phone, via email, or through fax. Once your order is placed, RS will proceed to confirm it and prepare it for dispatch. Those with business accounts get free shipping on purchases above $40 (excluding GST), and orders below this amount incur a $10 fee.

    Private and guest account holders qualify for complimentary shipping on orders exceeding $80 (excluding GST), with a $12.95 fee for smaller orders. Charges for offline purchases differ. While delivery durations can fluctuate depending on order details and location, RS is committed to offering fast and reliable delivery to meet customer needs.

    Delivery Information for Australia

    RS simplified the delivery process especially when you’re buying zip ties in bulk.

    Enjoy swift delivery services nationwide with RS Australia. Order by 5 pm AEST Monday to Friday for next-day delivery on locally stocked items. Note: Some regional areas may have extended lead times. For special orders requiring unique handling or involving hazardous materials, additional lead times may apply.

    For a detailed overview of our delivery options, including exceptions and special services like same-day delivery and consolidated shipments, visit our delivery information page.

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