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    Temperature Controllers

    A temperature controller is a device designed to manage and maintain the desired temperature within a system. It works by measuring the current temperature (process variable), comparing it to the desired set point, and calculating the deviation or error. The controller then determines the necessary adjustment, whether heating or cooling, to minimise this error. An output signal (manipulated value) is sent to control elements such as heaters or valves, which physically alter the temperature to match the set point.

    Temperature controllers are crucial for ensuring product quality and safety in various industrial applications, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. They help maintain consistent conditions, prevent equipment damage, and optimise energy use, making operations more efficient and reducing overhead costs. Their precise control mechanisms are integral to processes where even slight temperature variations can have significant effects on outcomes, highlighting their role in modern industrial systems.

    Types of Temperature Controller

    PID Temperature Controller

    A PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) temperature controller is an essential component of temperature control systems in industrial applications, regulating variables like temperature, pressure, and speed. It operates by continuously comparing the actual temperature from a thermometer to a set target; the controller then adjusts the output using a precise mathematical formula that accounts for the present error (Proportional), accumulated past errors (Integral), and predicted future errors (Derivative). This method ensures that the process variable remains as close as possible to the set point, enhancing system stability and efficiency.

    Digital Temperature Controller

    Digital temperature controllers can be grouped into two categories. These are:

    • DTC-A series
    • DTC-T series

    The primary goal of the DTC-A series is to ensure precise heating. There is no need for external relays as temperature can be easily controlled. Adjusting this temperature controller according to time intervals is possible. These controllers can memorise temperature settings and time. Controllers like these are great for different kinds of flexible heaters. In other words, they can be seen as heater temperature controllers.

    Another form of digital temperature controller is the DTC-T series. Its monitoring extends to both DC and AC voltages. Also, controllers like these are usually characterised by low electromagnetic-wave and voltage output. For better temperature settings and customised time, they come with adapters. Just like the one that was mentioned above, this series can also memorise time as well as temperature settings. Circuit design or additional controls aren't required. Finally, it comes with about 4 power settings - 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%.

    Application of Temperature Controllers

    Temperature controllers are versatile devices used across a spectrum of settings, from commercial and residential to industrial applications. In industrial environments such as processing plants and research centres, they are crucial for maintaining specific temperature conditions critical to the quality and safety of processes. For example, in pharmaceutical laboratories, temperature controllers ensure that compounds are stored and reacted at optimal temperatures to maintain efficacy and stability.

    In the commercial sector, temperature controllers find significant applications in the food and beverage industry, where they regulate temperatures in brewing and pasteurisation processes to ensure product consistency and safety. Similarly, in the plastics industry, these controllers are used to precisely manage the heat in extrusion and moulding processes, affecting the quality of the final products. The healthcare industry also relies on controllers like these to maintain critical environments like clean rooms and to ensure proper storage temperatures for medications and biological samples.

    How to Order Temperature Controllers From RS

    RS is a trusted supplier and distributor of high-quality temperature controllers, offering a diverse selection to accommodate any industrial, commercial, or project-based need. Our catalogue features an extensive range of temperature controllers from leading brands such as RS PRO, Eurotherm, Jumo, Omron, and Red Lion, ensuring you find the perfect match for precise temperature management and regulation.

    Business account customers who order temperature controllers online from RS benefit from free delivery on all orders over $40 (excluding GST). For orders below this threshold, a delivery fee of $10 is applied/ For private accounts and guest customers, we offer free delivery on orders over $80 (excluding GST), with a $12.95 fee applicable to smaller orders.

    Delivery Information for Australia

    To ensure the prompt delivery of your temperature controllers, please place your orders by 5 pm AEST from Monday to Friday. We provide next working day delivery for items that are stocked locally, though some regional areas may experience extended delivery times. To explore all our delivery services, including options like same-day delivery and consolidated shipments, please visit our delivery information page.

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