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    Magnetic Tapes

    Magnetic tape is dominating the market today. Whether you are a business owner, an industry professional, or even a household member (no matter what), tape magnets can prove invaluable asset to have in your toolbox.

    There's a good chance you're wondering, "What exactly is magnetic tape, and how it can make your life easier"? What makes it so popular?

    This article will provide you with answers to these questions. The magnetic tape will also be covered in detail.

    Magnetic Tapes

    Magnetic tapes are designed to mount materials and items to steel surfaces or other ferrous surfaces and can be used to stick materials together by using magnetic tape on steel tape. However, there's something different about this tape magnet. Here's an example.

    How magnetic strips/tapes work?

    As to adhere, this tape uses a magnet instead of adhesive. Let's say you want to stick the tape to your refrigerator. Having an agent backing, the tape will adhere to the refrigerator surface, securing it.

    Rolls of magnetic strips are available in a variety of thicknesses. A magnetic strip made from iron ferrite is extremely lightweight yet very strong. It can withstand over 15 pounds of force.

    Types of magnetic tapes

    There are 2 types of magnetic tapes available on the market, which are as follows:

    1. Write-on magnetic tape
    2. Adhesive-backed magnetic tape

    Write-On Magnetic Tape

    A magnetic tape that has a magnet backing and a white front. Labeling items with these tapes is their primary use. It can adhere to nickel or iron, which can then be labeled using a marker. For example, if you want to remind yourself of something, you can use it for sure.

    This can be easily accomplished with write-on magnetic tape. You can find a wide range of write-on magnetic strips on the market that simply requires you to peel off the magnetic strip from the tape and adhere it to the desired location. The adhesive on these magnetic strips is protected by a film to prevent it from drying out.

    Adhesive-Backed Magnetic Tape

    A magnetic tape that has an adhesive backing and a magnetic front. Whether it's a wall, cardboard, or any other surface, this tape can be stuck to it. Any iron or nickel can be stuck on the magnet because the front is the magnet. Say, you want to mount a junction box on the wall. Magnetic tape with adhesive backing sticks to the wall. The junction box is then attached to it.

    Adhesive Types

    Magnetic tape is supplied in flexible rolls or strips and is either self-adhesive backed or plain magnetic-backed. The following explanation will help.

    Adhesive Magnetic Strips

    Depending on how they stick, magnetic strips can be self-adhesive or standard adhesives. Self-adhesive magnetic tapes and strips can make any surface magnetically receptive, various adhesive types are used for different applications: standard adhesive is used for paper and cardboard, premium adhesive for plastics and metal, and foam adhesive for application to uneven surfaces.

    Magnetic strips have varying thicknesses

    There is also a difference in thickness between magnetic tapes. A tape's ideal thickness depends on its intended use. For heavy items like junction boxes, thick magnetic tape is needed to hold them up. Suitable for holding a junction box.

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