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    3M Duct Tape

    Duct tape is a highly useful tape for a variety of purposes. From plumbers to technicians, duct tape is always at hand. 3M provides an excellent selection of duct tape suitable for all purposes and in a variety of colours for easy identification.

    Thanks to its cloth backing, it is a highly durable tape which can easily be applied. It is also waterproof.

    Duct tape is called so because it is commonly used to seal the joins between ducting, and is sometimes confused with gaffer tape. The difference is that gaffer tape is designed not to leave a residue when applied, where as duct tape can leave a residue. It is also important not to confuse duct tape with electrical tape- duct tape cannot be used to insulate wiring safely.

    3M duct tape is of excellent quality, and high durability. From industrial to domestic applications, it is a versatile and reliable solution.

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