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    RS Inventory Solutions

    RS Inventory Solutions

    Let RS lighten the load of stock management with our innovative Vendor Managed Inventory.

    Custom Solutions

    Our team can improve your operating performance and free up your working capital.

    Subject to qualifying criteria. Terms & Conditions apply.

    Consolidated deliveries

    Our team consolidates multiple orders into a single delivery for extra convenience.

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    Consignment Solutions

    Have the products you need ready to use at your site without carrying the cost of inventory - freeing up working capital. You manage the inventory and pay as you use, just forecast your stock requirements and we will replenish the stock level accordingly.

    Vendor Managed Inventory

    Work with RS to forecast your requirements; we will hold your inventory, freeing up working capital tied up in stock. Reduces the need for excess storage space for spare parts. You only pay for items when you call off when you call them off.

    Terms & Conditions

    Orders placed through custom RS Inventory Solutions are subject to additional terms and conditions. Qualifying criteria and minimum order quantities apply.