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    Engineers Without Borders

    The EWB and RS partnership aims to not only inspire STEM, but strengthen relationships with First Nations communities.

    RS supports future-focused Engineering

    A three-year partnership with RS is leading the way for the next generation of engineers in rural and remote regions of Australia and the Torres Strait Islands.

    RS has partnered with EWB Australia to support EWB’s ‘Regioneering’ and ‘Pathways’ programs. These programs are designed to inspire students from First Nations backgrounds in rural and remote regions of Australia and the Torres Strait Islands to explore how they can contribute to creating a better world through STEM-related vocations.

    The EWB and RS three-year partnership aims to strengthen relationships with First Nations communities; to inspire, educate and train students, practitioners, advocates and leaders of engineering; and to contribute to meaningful and lasting social change.

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    “RS Components' multi-year commitment to EWB is significant. It ensures that our highly impactful programs can reach and inspire even more First Nations young people. "

    EWB CEO Eleanor Loudon

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    Regioneering and Pathways is a focused part of EWB’s Outreach program, which commenced in 2015. Over the past year, this program has been delivered by over 190 university volunteers from the likes of RMIT, University of Sydney and Monash who have facilitated 266 workshops, inspiring more than 6000 students at 88 schools across Australia’s six states and territories as well as the Torres Straits.

    RS Group has a strong company commitment to ESG globally. Their recent partnership with the Washing Machine Project is supported locally through the ANZ region and this new agreement with EWB aims to build on this charitable commitment within the Australian community. 

    As well as a financial commitment to continue the remarkable programs which EWB runs, the RS paid volunteer leave program will actively involve their wider team in these community and life changing Regioneering trips. 

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    Our partnership with EWB allows us to make an impact with the engineers of tomorrow whilst also increasing our engagement with the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community.

    Scott Phillbrook, Managing Director of RS ANZ

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    For a Better World

    We are creating a safe, inclusive and dynamic culture where our people can thrive and grow.

    An Inclusive Workplace

    A significant element of our commitment is to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people feel welcome in our businesses as employees, customers, suppliers and visitors.

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