Making Amazing Happen

Our ESG aspiration at RS Components is to make amazing happen by inspiring a more sustainable world through education and innovative solutions that improve lives.

RS Components (RS) are proud to announce their partnership with Engineers Without Borders (EWB), and their School Outreach program designed to inspire students from diverse backgrounds to create a better world through engineering.

The EWB and RS partnership aims to not only inspire STEM, but strengthen relationships with First Nations communities, as well as contribute to initiatives that increase cultural understanding, the access of First Nations Australians to appropriate technology, and strengthen their career opportunities within the engineering sector.

EWB began in Melbourne in 2003 with a small group of engineers dedicated to harnessing the potential of engineering to create an equitable reality for the planet and its people. Today, the EWB community includes thousands of people and dozens of organisations working together to engineer a better world.

Over the past year, the EWB Outreach program organised 193 university undergraduate volunteers from the likes of RMIT, Sydney University and Monash to facilitate 266 workshops, inspiring more than 6000 students at 88 schools across the six states and territories in STEM and engineering.

Our Commitment

RS Components, as part of parent company Electrocomponents plc, has a strong company commitment to ESG globally. Their recent partnership with the Washing Machine Project is supported locally through the ANZ region and this new agreement with EWB aims to build on this charitable commitment within the Australian community. As well as a financial commitment to continue these remarkable programs EWB run, through the RS paid volunteer leave program, the company aims to actively involve their wider team in these community and life changing ‘regioneering’ trips.


We are incredibly excited about the partnership with EWB as it will allow us to make an impact with the engineers of tomorrow whilst also increasing our engagement with the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community. The EWB partnership is a significant step in our commitment as a business to create long standing ties with this community.99

Scott Philbrook, Managing Director of RS Components ANZ


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