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    Pressure Calibrator Accessories

    Pressure calibrator accessories compliment working with pressure calibrators which are a pressure measuring device capable of verifying (or calibrating) the pressure reading of another pressure measuring device. The pressure calibrator must be more accurate than the device being calibrated (usually 4 times more accurate). They can be portable hand-held devices as well as workshop models and the ideal tool for busy process professional.

    RS work with major electrical test and measurement equipment manufacturers like Fluke and Druck, all recognised for their expertise in delivering performance within the pressure calibrator and pressure calibrator accessories industry.

    Pressure calibrators and pressure calibrator accessories offer a wide variety of features, accuracies, and pressure ranges. Included are intrinsically safe percent of reading calibrators, reference data recorders, wide-range dual-sensor calibrators, and calibrators with built-in pressure pumps. Calibrators may also offer current measurement, voltage measurement, 24 V loop power supplies, and even complete systems with pressure pumps and calibration software.

    Types of Pressure Calibrator Accessories.

    Accessories for pressure calibrators provide you with exact pressure control, measurement and pressure connections, important to protect pressure calibration equipment.

    • Adaptors.
    • Connectors, couplings.
    • Hoses, test hoses.
    • Test hose kits, Hydraulic test hoses.
    • Dirt traps.
    • Liquid filter dirt traps.
    • Temperature hoses (RTD).
    • Gauges, pressure gauges.
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