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    Multifunction Tester Accessories

    Consider Multifunction Tester Accessories to complete your Multifunction Tester kits. Our offer includes essential items such as mains test leads, adapters, storage cases, and much more. Here at RS, we support engineers with quality products sourced from leading brands such as; Beha-Amprobe, Gossen Metrawatt, Fluke, Megger, Staubli, and Kewtech Corporation.

    Why do you need Multifunction Tester Accessories?

    Multifunction Tester Accessories are essential products that engineers use in conjunction with a multifunction tester to perform installation and verification tests plus safely transport testing equipment to various locations.


    Multifunction Tester Accessories are used by engineers to aid installation testing in applications that are;

    • Domestic
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
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