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    Schneider Pushbuttons

    If you need an effective E-stop function to instantly halt hazardous machine processes, look no further. The Schneider range of emergency stop pushbuttons provides resilient, safe, and ergonomic solutions for easy control of machinery and manufacturing lines.

    What is an emergency stop pushbutton?

    An E-stop pushbutton is a simple safety control switch which is designed to stop machinery quickly in the event of an emergency. When pushed, the button isolates power to the machine immediately. This can help to prevent injury to operators and damage to machinery, and stop workflow. Emergency stop buttons are widely used in industrial sectors with heavy duty machinery and can also be found in commercial and public facilities. They are usually bright red with a yellow background, which enables clear and quick identification.

    Schneider's Harmony pushbutton family features push-pull, turn-to-release or key release options in a stylish modern design. Harmony pushbuttons can handle up to 10 million operations and are specifically made to be dependable and tough even in harsh environments, with high Ingress Protection ratings up to IP69K. This family includes the XB4 and XB5 series of 22mm metal and plastic pushbuttons. These E-stops allow effortless installation due to the clip together component system. The contacts and heads prevent vibration to help ensure secure mounting and wiring. Harmony LED illuminated models also allow greater visibility of the device for optimal safety.

    Schneider Electric are experts when it comes to creating innovative solutions for businesses, with over 180 years of experience. They are committed to ensuring that their products are energy efficient and sustainable, and have been ranked the No.1 most sustainable corporation in the Corporate Knights Global 100 Index 2021. With Schneider you can be sure to find high-quality, reliable, eco-friendly and integrated products to suit any application.

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