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    Position Sensors

    Position sensors are integrated circuits (IC) which sense the movement or position of an object. They convert this measurement information into analogue or digital output signals. Position sensors essentially take the information to/from a fixed position and provide feedback.

    There are different types of sensors for different requirements. A popular position sensor is an LVDT (linear variable differential transformer).

    What do these sensors measure?

    Position sensors measure by a range of different methods such as:

    • Rotation (Rotary)
    • Angle
    • Accuracy
    • Distance

    What are linear position sensors?

    Linear position sensors are accurate sensors which measure the linear position of a device. Linearity is important for engineering applications. It measures the position of an object within a linear, straight line.

    What are rotary position sensors?

    Rotational position sensors detect the movement of an object's to give their angular position.

    What are resistive position sensors?

    Resistive position sensors use resistance to measure the position. This is a physical variable.

    Position Sensor can be used in a range of different application, some of which include...

    • Home appliances
    • Robotics
    • Gaming Lighting
    • TV Computers
    • Automotive
    • Automation
    • Coordinate measurement
    • Industrial motion control
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