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    HF & RF Relays

    HF (high frequency) and RF (radio frequency) relays utilise radio signals to perform switching functions. These relays are found in lots of applications, including computers, testing equipment and radio broadcast systems. They're needed to handle the high voltages that often come with high frequencies, which standard relays cannot manage. RS have HF & RF relays from industry-leading brands such as Panasonic, Omron, TE Connectivity and Teledyne.

    What are HF and RF relays used for?

    The frequencies used in electronic devices are continually increasing and high-frequency relays provide a way to isolate circuits in a high-frequency environment. High-frequency relays can be used in any application where an electronic signal is being produced at a very high frequency. This includes communications equipment, as well as computers and industrial machinery.

    RF relays are specifically used in radio applications, often in testing equipment as well as radio broadcasting devices. RF relays are essential in activating the separate circuit systems in radios that are used for transmitting and receiving.

    Types of HF and RF relays

    High frequency and RF relays can be built with special features. For instance, they can be made flux resistant, immersion cleanable, wash tight or designed for low power consumption. Solid-state versions of these relays are also available.

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