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    Masonry Drill Bits

    Masonry drill bits are quite popular among engineers today more than ever before. This is due to how they can simplify the process of drilling holes on concrete, stone, and block surfaces. In fact, this drill bit is perfect for hard surfaces. Such is why it is either called a cement drill bit, hammer drill bit, or brick drill bit. Below are some explanations about this form of drill bit. You will see reasons why it is highly recommended.

    Uses of a Concrete Drill Bit

    Just as mentioned above, masonry drill bits are best for concrete surfaces. This is due to their design and shape. If you are searching for these drills, ensure to lookout for those characterized by carbide tips. Even when you can make use of a conventional rotary drill for such project, it is always recommended to use a cement drill bit or masonry bit. The second option will help you compete such job much faster and easier. When it comes to penetrating mortar or brick, they can help you.

    Features of A Brick Drill Bit

    In this section, we will be discussing some important features you should expect in a masonry drill bit set. These are listed below:

    • There is tungsten carbide which makes them very durable and rugged for different projects. It is the reason why they are called carbide drill bits.
    • A masonry drill comes with hexagonal shank which makes its movements easier when there is too much load.
    • They have a profiled tip.

    More Facts about A Hammer Drill Bit

    Due to how tungsten carbide masonry drill bits and carbide tipped masonry drill bits have been built, be rest assured that they won't break while being put to use. For instance, they are heat-resistant. Therefore, they will not get damaged during the drilling process.

    We have different types of masonry drill bits for any project you are undertaking. It could be 20mm, 30mm, 10mm masonry drill bit or something else. Apart from that, we have flat wood drill bits, SDS drill bits, and titanium drill bit. Contact us for more details today.

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