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    Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders

    Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders (also called cylinder slides) are devices without rods that enable linear movements of loads, usually in a factory environment. Pistons fit closely into actuator tubes and move up and down against the compressed air pressure in the tubes to create the linear movements. The objects are carried to their end points via the external carriages connected to the pistons.

    What are pneumatic rodless cylinders used for?

    Simply put, these pneumatic rodless cylinders move objects, usually as part of an industrial process. They can serve as non-rotating supporting platforms to which tools can be attached too. They are also used for packaging in food processing industries where parts are picked and placed repeatedly.

    Types of pneumatic rodless cylinders 

    • Magnetically coupled cylinders use strong magnets instead of rods to hold the piston and the carriage together. When the motion starts the carriage and piston move together in sync as a total unit.
    • Mechanically coupled cylinders have interior and exterior bands that slot into the actuator housing to keep compressed air in and contaminated matter out. They consist of piston units with carriages attached. Components like valves, sensors and brakes can be mounted onto these units.
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