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    Tap Fittings

    Water tap fittings are any parts associated with water taps in locations such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Examples of water tap accessories are swivels, aerators, replaceable cartridges to fix drips, tap heads, flow regulators and extenders. There's also a variety of handles, domes and caps in a range of designs such as a lever, crosshead or knob.

    What are water tap fittings accessories used for?

    Water tap accessories are parts that you may require to restyle or repair taps in domestic and commercial settings. If you're renovating you might want to modernize your tap handles. Flow regulators can be installed in order to save water, and ceramic cartridges, washers or valves can be fitted to fix dripping taps and mixers. Other components include swivel aerators and valves that prevent 'water hammer' - the knocking noise you sometimes hear in pipes when a tap is turned off quickly.

    Types of water tap accessories

    Water tap accessories include external fittings in various styles, internal components that improve flow and reduce noise and parts to fix leaking taps or to make them easier to turn on and off. Here are water tap fittings parts discussed in detail.

    • By moving the cartridge, the handle regulates the hot and cold temperature as well as the flow (single handle tap).
    • Button Hole Cover/Indices/Grub Screw is a cover for the grub screw that adjusts how tightly or loosely the handle is attached to the cartridge. Additionally, it serves as a hot and cold tap side indication.
    • The decorative shroud conceals the retaining nut that secures the cartridge.
    • The cartridge is held in position in the tap body by the cartridge retaining nut.
    • Ceramic Disc Cartridge - By combining the hot and cold inputs, this valve regulates both the temperature and the flow. In this cartridge, moving the handle changes the positions of two ceramic discs. This is the tap's major component.
    • The tap's primary body or housing is referred to as the tap heads. They are often made of steel or brass with a chrome or brushed nickel finishing.
    • The water that has been combined leaves the tap via the seal, aerator, and nozzle. It passes via an aerator that is contained inside a nozzle and fastened to the tap body with screws. Using a seal, the nozzle is rendered watertight. Aerators are used to change the flow characteristics or effects (champagne effect, for instance, or flow straightener) or to limit the flow. An unthreaded or stripped faucet may have an aerator added using the universal faucet adapter. When this adapter is tightened, a regular aerator may be mounted on the faucet.
    • Swivel tap aerator is made to be installed on your kitchen faucets so that it can provide a strong water flow while yet managing to lower the flow rate from the tap to just 7.6 liters per minute.
    • The O-ring prevents water from leaking through the basin hole by sealing the tap to the basin.
    • The tap is mounted to the basin using a threaded bar, which is fastened into the tap's body.


    It takes more than what you can see to design your ideal kitchen or bathroom. Our selection of tap fittings and accessories is available to ensure that everything functions properly since there is a lot that occurs on below the surface.

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