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    Hose Pipe & Flexible Tubes

    Hose pipes, also known as flexible hoses or tubing, are essential in industrial, residential, and commercial settings. These versatile products are used across the food and automotive industries, waste management, and domestic applications. Their flexibility allows easy manoeuvring in various environments or securing the hose at a workstation without specialised connectors.

    Flexible hoses, including variants like flexi hose, clear vinyl tubing, and flexible rubber tubes, are offered in many configurations to meet specific needs. They can be mounted on retractable reels for convenient access and compact storage. Available in a range of sizes, colours, and materials, each hose is tailored to transport specific substances, from gases to liquids, ensuring compatibility and safety.

    Material Types:

    Hose pipes and flexible tubes come in materials suited for specific uses:

    • Food-Grade Materials: Safe for culinary and medical applications.
    • Rubber: Flexible and durable, ideal for automotive and industrial use.
    • PVC and Vinyl: Flexible with chemical resistance, suitable for chemical transfer.
    • Silicone: Heat-resistant, perfect for food processing and medical applications.
    • Polyurethane and Nylon: Strong and abrasion-resistant, great for high-pressure uses.

    Colour and Size:

    Hose pipes and flexible tubes come in various colours to meet aesthetic preferences and functional needs, such as safety coding or media type identification. Common colours include:

    • Black: Often used for general-purpose applications where visibility is not a concern.
    • Red: Typically used for fire service hoses or other emergency applications, making them highly visible.
    • Blue: Commonly associated with potable water lines.
    • Green: Frequently used for gardening or agricultural hoses.
    • Clear: Ideal for applications where visual inspection of the flow is necessary, such as in laboratories or food processing.

    In addition to colour, hose diameters (bore size) and lengths are tailored to specific flow rates and pressure requirements, ensuring optimal performance across a range of applications.

    Mechanical Specifications:

    • Shore A Hardness: Determines the material’s hardness and its resistance to indentation.
    • Tensile Strength At Break: Indicates the maximum stress the material can withstand while being stretched before breaking.
    • Elongation At Break: Measures how much the hose can stretch before it breaks, crucial for applications requiring flexibility.
    • Tear Strength: Important for applications where the hose is subjected to heavy use and potential punctures.
    • Compatibility: Some hoses are specifically designed to be compatible with peristaltic pumps, suitable for transferring a variety of fluids without contamination.

    Types of Hoses

    There are a variety of hose pipe types available, each offering unique benefits and suited to specific applications:

    Water Hoses and Irrigation Hoses

    Primarily used for tasks such as irrigation, gardening, building, and fire control. These hoses typically feature inner tubes made from PVC or EPDM, offering durability and flexibility. Available in lengths ranging from 1.5 to over 50 metres, they can accommodate a broad range of residential and commercial needs.

    Hot Water and Steam Hoses

    These hoses are essential in applications involving water cooling in refrigeration equipment, as well as handling hot and cold water in engines and food processing operations. The inner tubes of these hoses are commonly made of EPDM, known for their excellent resistance to heat and steam.

    Air Hoses

    Air hoses are indispensable in a variety of industrial settings, including use with compressors, pneumatic lines and systems, spray guns, and sprayers. They are designed to handle high pressures and provide reliable performance in delivering air and gases.

    Oil Transmission Hoses

    Specifically designed to transmit oil, petroleum, and diesel, these hoses are used both on land and at sea. They are constructed with inner tubes made of NBR, PVC, or SBR, and feature outer surfaces that provide excellent wear resistance, crucial for handling abrasive substances.

    House Hoses

    House hoses connect household appliances, serving as inlet hoses with screw-on connections. Typically made from PVC, these hoses are flexible and robust, suitable for various domestic applications such as washing machines or dishwashers.

    Flexi Hose

    Highly flexible and lightweight, flexi hoses are perfect for dynamic environments requiring frequent adjustments. They are compatible with various fittings, making them versatile for water systems and other applications.

    Clear Vinyl Tubing

    Ideal for applications needing visual monitoring of flows, such as in laboratories or medical settings. Clear vinyl tubing is flexible, chemical-resistant, and non-toxic, suitable for transferring a wide range of materials.

    Industrial Applications of Hose Pipes

    Hose pipes cater to a broad range of industrial needs due to their versatility and robustness:

    • Chemical Processing: Safe transport of corrosive materials.
    • Agriculture: Efficient irrigation and pesticide application.
    • Construction: Water delivery, waste removal, and dust suppression.
    • Manufacturing: Used for fluid transfer and with pneumatic fittings and tools.
    • Mining: Handles slurry transport and dust control.
    • Food and Beverage: Ensures safe transfer of edible materials.
    • Oil and Gas: High-pressure applications in harsh environments.

    Buying Hose Pipes: Ordering & Delivery Information for Australia

    RS is a trusted supplier and distributor of hose pipes and flexible plastic tubings, featuring top brands like RS PRO, Contitech, Saint-Gobain Industrial, and SMC. To order, simply visit our website, select the hose specifications suited to your needs, and add them to your cart. Checkout is straightforward, with options for both account and guest purchases.

    For delivery across Australia, RS ensures efficiency and reliability. Check our Delivery Page for detailed delivery services and fees to find the best option for your location.

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