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    Aprons are protective garments worn over the user's normal workwear or clothing, typically covering the front of the body. Aprons are made of different types of materials to suit various applications, ranging from cotton and leather to polyester, polyethylene and PVC.

    Why are aprons worn?

    Aprons are used in numerous applications to protect the wearer's normal workwear or clothing from hazards such as excessive heat, chemicals, oils, fluids, blood or simply hygiene purposes. Aprons are worn both at home and in work environments, including laboratories, pharmaceuticals, hospitals & social healthcare, food preparation and manufacturing, education, commercial and domestic cleaning and many other industries. They are often combined with protective gloves, safety shoes or boots and sometimes safety glasses for added protection.

    You may choose to wear aprons for hygienic reasons, as decorative garments or to protect you from potential hazards such as dangerous chemicals and excessive heat.

    Aprons also protect the environment from any lint, fluff, dust or other microscopic items on the user's clothes. This is especially important in hygiene, medical, pharmaceutical and food industries, as it prevents any contaminants from getting into sensitive products.

    Types of aprons

    Aprons are available in several different designs, such as waist aprons, full body aprons and sleeved aprons, and may or may not feature a front pocket, situated either on the chest or at waist level. As well as the different styles, there are different fastening systems appropriate for different applications, including side ties or waist ties that meet at the back, or they may have Velcro strips to fully close the back (these are typically found in children's aprons to make them easy to put on and remove).

    At RS, we offer a range of adult aprons, including reusable aprons, disposable aprons and kitchen aprons, in a multitude of colours and materials to cater to all requirements and industries. We supply industry-leading protection that meets the required safety standards from top brands such as Alpha Solway, Tyvek, PAL and our very own quality brand, RS PRO.

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