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    White Board Magnets

    White board magnets are an ideal way to help keep your display boards and notice boards up to date with the latest information and can help you with the way you organise, communicate, and collaborate.

    Magnets for whiteboards can be used in classrooms, meeting rooms, offices and homes and feature a strong magnetic hold that can securely hold documents and notes to enhance organisation and efficiency in your workspace. They are durable and long lasting and can be easier attached and removed without damaging the whiteboard surface, making them ideal for everyday use in busy environments.

    Our white board magnets come in various sizes, holding capacities and colours including black, blue, green, orange, red, white, and yellow. Explore our range of magnets for whiteboards that offer an instant way to displaying:

    • Documents

    New ideas* Important information like household bills that need attention

    • General everyday to-do-lists

    Glass-board magnets are stronger due to them having to attract through a layer of glass rather than those used on regular white boards.

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