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    Fluorescent Light Starters

    A lighting starter slots in next to the fluorescent tube on the lamp frame. When the light switch is turned on, the starter sends a jolt of electricity to the gas inside the fluorescent tube, which provides the energy that makes the light fluoresce. If the lighting starter fails to work the fluorescent tube will not light up.

    High-quality starters significantly increase lamp lifespan, because by adjusting the starting current they reduce the lamp’s warm-up time. They improve lumen maintenance and reduce colour shift. The most popular application of lighting starter is in outdoor lighting, especially in large retail areas, parking lots, roads and tunnels, and in horticulture lighting.

    Types of Starters

    Starters are suitable for all types of fluorescent tubes and fittings. There are three basic starters for which to choose:

    • Standard starters come in 4 – 80 W versions and 70 to 125 W versions
    • Series starters are suitable for fittings in series. More common in older types of fluorescent light fittings.
    • Electronic starters with a wattage range of 18 to 125 W, are a one-stop solution to all electronic ballast fittings. Their gentle start is designed to reduce wear and tear on the lamp.


    The main differences between all the starters is, how much wattage they can support. So making sure that you know the total wattage, input voltage and application before selecting the starter is very important.

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