Metal Halide Lamps

Metal halide lamps are also known as an MH lamp. It is a HID (High Intensity Discharge), which means it provides most of its light from the electric arc within a small glass tube. These lamps are popular because of its excellent quality white light and good efficiency. The lamps also offer a long lamp life with up to 32000 hours for some MH lamps.

Why choose Metal Halide Lamps

Metal halide lamps are small compared to incandescent and fluorescent alternatives, while producing the same light output. This highly versatile lamp is available in various wattages for several applications from lighting up a back garden to an entire football pitch. If you’re looking for an efficient lamp with excellent colour rendering and a long life then RS Components range of metal halide lamps need to be considered.

Typical Applications for Metal Halide Lamps

MH lamps are typically found in: Stadiums and Arenas Sports Fields Car Parks, Street Lighting due to their high performance and longevity.

Types of Metal Halide Lamp Caps

There are several different cap types for Metal Halide lamps, these include:

  • G12
  • G8.5
  • GX10
  • RX7s
  • RX7s-24

Can Metal Halide lamps be used outdoors?

Yes, the surrounding temperatures don’t really impact how the lamp performs, making it very versatile.

Are Metal Halide lamps more economical than incandescent lamps?

Yes, compared to incandescent bulbs and other older technologies, metal halide bulbs use less energy, whilst offering a luminous efficiency. Metal Halide lamps can last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent lamps.

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Description Price Wattage Lamp Base Lamp Shape Lamp Type Mounting Orientation Fitting Type Luminosity Length Lamp Finish Colour Rendering Internal Ignitor Colour Temperature Diameter Life Hours
RS Stock No. 138-5624
Mfr. Part No.928183505130
1 Box of 1
20 W GU6.5 Candle CDM-Tm Universal Enclosed 1800 lm 56.7 mm Clear 90 - 3000K 13.3mm 20000h
RS Stock No. 138-5626
Mfr. Part No.928070319230
1 Box of 1
360 W E40 Tubular CDM-T Horizontal Enclosed 35270 lm 257 mm Clear 88 - 4200K 47mm 30000h
RS Stock No. 792-3547
Mfr. Part No.150CDMT942
150 W G12 Candle CDM-T Vertical Open 12700 lm - - - - 4200K - 12000h
RS Stock No. 699-7228
Mfr. Part No.HIT250W/HOR/DU/4.5K
250 W GES/E40 Tubular T46 Horizontal Enclosed 19000 lm 225 mm Clear 68 - 4000K 46mm 10000h
RS Stock No. 138-5625
Mfr. Part No.928070119230
1 Box of 1
230 W E40 Tubular CDM-T Universal Enclosed 21900 lm 257 mm Clear 88 - 4200K 47mm 30000h
RS Stock No. 125-0639
Mfr. Part No.20242
150 W E40 - - - - 14000 lm 238 mm - - - 3000K 87mm 22000h
RS Stock No. 716-6520
Mfr. Part No.CM-PLUS T 70W/U/UVS/830
Each (In a Pack of 12)
70 W G12 Tubular CM-PLUS T Universal Enclosed 7000 lm 90 mm Clear 80 - 3000K 19mm 12000h
RS Stock No. 792-3641
Mfr. Part No.70CDMTD942
70 W RX7S Candle CDM-TD Vertical Open 5600 lm - - - - 4200K - 16000h
RS Stock No. 699-7180
Mfr. Part No.HIPE400W/V/LU/UVS/740
400 W GES/E40 Elliptical E120 Vertical Open 42000 lm 296 mm Clear 68 - 4000K 120mm 20000h
RS Stock No. 716-6539
Mfr. Part No.CM-PLUS T 150W/U/UVS/830
Each (In a Pack of 12)
150 W G12 Tubular CM-PLUS T Universal Enclosed 15000 lm 100 mm Clear 80 - 3000K 19mm 12000h
RS Stock No. 813-8787
Mfr. Part No.00473RS
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 743-460
Mfr. Part No.4008321677846
250 W GES/E40 Tubular HQI-T Universal Enclosed 20000 lm 225 mm Clear 90 No 5200K 46mm 12000h
RS Stock No. 138-5628
Mfr. Part No.928070219830
1 Box of 1
360 W E40/45 Tubular CDM-E Universal Enclosed 34100 lm 226 mm Diffused 88 - 4200K 91mm 30000h
RS Stock No. 813-8774
Mfr. Part No.00471RS
20 W E27 Elliptical - Universal Enclosed 1800 lm 141 mm - 90 - 4200K 54mm 30000h