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    Window Extractor Fans

    Window extractor fans are a classification of extractor or exhaust fan that is designed to fit inside of a window as opposed to on a wall or in the ceiling. Fans that are built into windows are often low-powered but remain running non-stop to maintain a constant airflow. In addition, if they are left off, there is nothing preventing outside air, bugs, or other airborne particles like pollution from entering.

    To install a window extractor fan, you need to first measure the diameter of the unit and use a circular glass cutting tool to remove a section of glass from the desired pane. It's important to make sure the size of the hole is exact to not let any air flow around the perimeter.

    Most window extractor fans have a pull cord to turn off and on the fan, and, in some cases, increase and decrease the speed. It is also common to have a window fan in your kitchen to blow out any heat and smells before they permeate into the rest of your house.

    RS sells various sizes of window extractor fans, including some that are specific bathroom window fans.

    Exhaust Fan for a Bathroom Window

    Of all rooms in a house, bathrooms are the prime rooms for moisture and heat to build up. Without proper ventilation, the heat and moisture can get stuck in the room and cause damage to the fixtures, paneling, and other elements of the bathroom, and cause mildew, mold, and scum to form.

    Bathroom window extractor fans are a preferred solution for many bathrooms where wall space may be limited or where windows cannot be opened. For example, many apartment buildings that need the walls to be solid will install bathroom window fans.

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